Lianibba & Hurklutefjellet counter clock-wise from Hole
Lianibba  Hurklutefjellet


Estimated net time 5-6 hours
Difficulty A little steep up Lianibba's west slopes and you might have to use your hands, but no technical difficulties. The upper part of Hurklutefjellet's south-east slopes is steep, but no difficulties as long as you stay away from cliff bands.
Drinking water Some sources of running water up to Liadalen valley.
GSM coverage Unknown.
Parking Room for many cars around trail head.
Start height 263 metres
Vertical metres 1400 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 11.2 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Lianibba trail head at Hole.
  The direct route from Liadalen towards Lianibba.
  Ascent of Hurklutefjellet from north end of Liadalen.
  Descent route from Hurklutefjellet to Liadalen.


Start measuring from the 3-way junction on road 60 above (west of) Stranda centre, where road 60 goes towards Sykkylven, Stranda centre and Hellesylt. Drive towards Hellesylt and Stryn.

- At 27.2 km turn left towards Hellesylt.

- At 28.1 km turn right towards Vollset.

- At 28.5 km turn left in the T-junction.

- At 36.6 km park on the right hand side of the road.

Start your hike by crossing the road and follow a path running back close to the road. Turn right onto another path after 180 metres and follow this path all the way up to 800m, a little above the cabin at Helsetsætra. Leave the path and head right (north-east) and walk directly uphill towards Lianibba, finding your best route in the slightly steep terrain. You will eventually see a proper cairn out on the right hand side, but the summit is found a little further north-east and is also marked by a smaller cairn (there are two cairns close to each other).

From Lianibba walk north-west towards the saddle at the top of Liadalen, but you don't need to walk all the way up to the saddle, and it's worth keeping the height as gradually turn left (west and later south-west) when you get towards the top of the valley. You're likely to find some sheep tracks as you walk north towards the top of the valley. When you have walked around the top of the valley gradually start ascending and head up towards the saddle between Hurklutefjellet and top 1307m north of Hurklutefjellet. Then head south up to Hurklutefjellet's unmarked summit.

From Hurklutefjellet continue approximately 600 metres south and then turn left (south-east) and find your best route down the steep slopes, making sure you avoid any cliff bands. Follow sheep tracks if you find any, and aim for the point where you left the path when ascending, a little above the cabin. From here follow the path back down to your car.



31. August 2014

This was another wonderful week-end, with sun and good temperatures. Kjetil picked me up at Fjellsetra in late morning this Sunday and we drove towards Hole and Lianibba's trail head.

There were already a number of cars parked along the road when we arrived at the trail head, but during the hike the only other people we met or saw were a handful of persons building a cabin at Helsetsætra, replacing the one that was now lying 100 metres down in the hill side. It was also one of those guys who explained me the meaning of the name Hurklutefjellet, explaining it is based on uneven east side of the mountain, i.e. "hurklete" or bumpy.

From Helsetsætra we decided to head directly up to Lianibba, and this was relatively straight forward, but did require some use of hands in a couple of places. And after having enjoyed excellent views at Lianibba it was a pretty straight forward walk all around the valley and up to Hurklutefjellet. We only stopped here for a few minutes before taking on the steep descent back down to Liadalen, and then down to the car.

Photos 31.08.2014