Litleskjerdingen from Reset, return (ski)


Estimated net time 2-2 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No access to running water during winter.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route.
Parking Room for many cars at the parking place at trail head at Reset, or along the road.
Start height 307 metres
Vertical metres 380 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 3.9 km
GPS-file X
Route photo


Drive to the intersection of roads 659 and 661 by Eidet (Tennfjord). Turn right towards Vatne, and continue from Vatne towards Fiksdal. 11.1 km after leaving Eidet one gets to the Haram-Vestnes municipality border by Reset. There is a parking place here, next to the vertically positioned boat indicating that one is now entering the Vestnes municipality.

From the car head west/north-west, towards the south-west ridge of Litleskjerdingen. When you get into the forest turn right and continue north-east to the summit.



12. February 2012

Exactly one year after I did this hike I returned for some afternoon skiing (the one year between was a coincident, which I realised after my hike). Sigurd had played handball at Molde and we decided to meet at Reset upon his return back home. A little after 14:00 we were on our way, in pretty grey conditions. To our surprise the snow was very nice, even up at the windy summit. But visibility was down to a few tens of metres so the descent above the forest was a little careful. Back down in the forest it was better, and all in all it was a fine hike.


12. February 2011

On this beautiful Saturday Sigurd, Elisabeth and me decided to hike an easy top which they hadn't visited before. Given my knee's condition the hike couldn't be terribly long, and it also had to be OK for snow boards. We decided to do Litleskjerdingen, all in different styles; Sigurd would use cross country skis up and snow board down, Elisabeth would use telemark skis, and I would use snow shoes both up and down.

There was deep powder from Reset and up through the forest, but above the forest it was mostly wind packed snow and partly icy; OK for ascending, but not very promising for the descent.

After enjoying the summit views we started our descent, with me trudging away on snow shoes. The others gave me a head start so I could take some photos of them, but they soon overtook me. When I got down below the forest Sigurd actually came walking back up since he had found himself a fine place to jump. I told him to wait till I got below the jump so I could take a few photos, which turned out quite nice.

Photos 12.02.2011


08. March 2008

The weather was OK this Saturday, although a bit windy, and I knew there was plenty of snow in the mountains. I therefore decided to do a skiing hike after having been to Skulstadhornet in the morning. Litleskjerdingen seemed a good choice; a relatively short drive, a mountain I hadn't previously been to, and a limited altitude where the wind wouldn't be too annoying.

When I got to the Reset car-park just before 13:30 I found the car-park full, and also cars parked along the road. I managed to sneak in between two cars along the road, and set out 13:30.

The snow was wet, but not rotten in any way so upwards skiing was a pleasure. I reached the summit in just under 40 minutes, and spent a few minutes taking pictures; the wind didn't invite to a long stay at the summit.

The conditions for the descent were fine, I assume, but again my limiting skiing abilities let me down. I was struggling to do proper turns, and had a number of falls. Arrgh!

I was back at the car just over an hour after starting, and the temperature was now 6C.

Photos 08.03.2008