Lyderhorn from Krabbedalen, return same way


Estimated net time 1 hour
Difficulty No difficulties, but in some places you might feel more comfortable if using the hands.
Drinking water No access to running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route.
Parking Room for several cars at trail head.
Start height 97 metres
Vertical metres 300 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 2.1 km
GPS-file X
Route photo


From Bergen drive road 555 towards Loddefjord. Where the road makes a 90° left (west) just north of Loddefjord, turn right towards "Skålevik". Drive along this road for 650 metres until you see signs for the road "Lyderhornslien" to your right. Drive up this road and take the left leg when it forks after approximately 60 metres. Continue upwards, first through a sharp right turn, and then to a sharp left. Find parking here. The path starts in the apex of the turn, on the right hand side of the road.

Follow the path amongst the small forest, just below some higher houses. Past the houses the path continues south/south-east on a well worn path, up to a small plateau at 270 metres. Here the path makes a sharp left, and heads north to the summit of Lyderhorn. Some areas of the path up here is a little steep, but there is no exposure and there are plenty of natural steps amongst the stones and in the mountain side. Even so, you will probably fins it more comforting to use your hands in some places.

The return is best done the same way as the ascent route, but there is an alternative by continuing north from the summit and then turn left to come back to the trail head.



06. June 2008

I had travelled to Bergen on the Friday morning flight from Ålesund for a meeting at Hordvikneset. In stead of getting the late flight back home I decided to stay overnight in Bergen, with my good friend Morten and his family, and do a couple of hikes before heading back north the day after. The meeting lasted until late afternoon so my plan to do both Lyderhorn and Løvstakken (which I visited in 1993 together with my 6-month pregnant wife, and Kjell and Thor) was replaced by just doing Lyderhorn. Strictly speaking I could have managed both mountains, but the though of Morten's green cans and first class shish kebab didn't allow for several hours in the mountains.

I got to Krabbedalen by Loddefjord just before 18:00, got changed in the car, and did good pace both up and down the mountain. Doing the hike in less than half an hour made me feel it should have been a little longer, but it was a really nice hike, with superb views and on a beautiful summer evening.

After having got back to the car I got engaged in a works phone call, before heading over to Sælenveien and Morten's house. The treat that waited there was as usual no disappointment.

Photos 06.06.2008