Maigmo from Alcocha


Estimated net time 2-3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but you need to be a little careful around the summit if it's wet. In particular one short passage 7-8 metres before the summit is a little exposed.
Drinking water No access to running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (May 2012).
Parking Room for 4-5 cars at the small car park by trail head.
Start height 645 metres
Vertical metres 670 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 7.6 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Maigmo trail head by Alcocha.
  Turn left onto path 1.1 km from Alcocha trail head.
  Turn right onto path towards Maigmo, 390m along second stretch of forest road.


From Alicante drive north approximately 18 km on road A-7 from junction 70 on road A-70. Turn right onto road Cv-827 (signed for "Agost") and drive 700 metres, passing a petrol station around mid-way. Turn left and drive under the motorway, still signed for Cv-827 and "Agost", up to a round-about. Exit from the round-about where signed for "Agost" and Cv-827 (first exit, noting that there is an entry only before the exit). Then turn right after another 100 metres or so, signed "Camino de servicio". Drive this road 3.0 km and turn left onto a gravel road. Drive this gravel road 130 metres and find a small car park on the right hand side of the road. Park here.

Start your walk by following the gravel road uphill 1.1 km. Turn left onto a path, signed for "PR-CV 86" and Maigmo. Follow this path 320 metres up to a forest road, and turn left. Stay on the forest road 390 metres and turn right onto a path in a left curve after some concrete drainage sections across the road. This path can be followed 900 metres south-east and later south, up to the end of the road leading to Balcon de Alicante (a large concrete terrace facing south). From the car park turn right and follow one of the two paths south-west to the summit. The two paths merge higher up, so it doesn't matter which on you choose. The last couple of tens of metres are a little steep and some care should be shown on wet rock, but there are no difficulties. 7-8 metres before the summit cairn there is a narrow section requiring concentration, but if you don't feel comfortable you can easily pass by sitting down and let yourself "slide" across. The summit is marked by a concrete cairn.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



06. May 2012

I had attempted Maigmo twice before. First 8-9 years ago, when I didn't find a proper trail head. And then again in 2010 when Sigurd I made an attempt from south, but ended up in steep and vegetated terrain. Today I was well prepared, including having identified tracks when looking at the satellite view in Google map, and was also very determined to make it to the summit.

But today's attempt didn't start well, as I chose the wrong motorway and had to come back after about 20 km along this road. After this mistake I found the right way and got onto the service road I had intended to find off Cv-827. I then drove along this road to where I intended to start my hike, and found this gravel road without any problems. However, there was another problem; this road was a private road and there were clear indications that hikers were not welcome. I therefore decided to drive further along the road to see if I could find some other trail head. A few hundred metres along the road I met two hikers, and I decided to stop and ask them for help. Unfortunately their English was as bad as with most Spanish. It's a real shame this nation of friendly and nice people (a notable exception is of course their divers, also known as footballers) isn't in a position to communicate properly with the rest of Europe. But a mix of Spanish and English made me understand I should be looking for signs for "Balcon de Alicante", and should drive another 3-4 km. Hence I got back into the car and continued 3-4 km, without any luck, so I continued another couple of km, still with no luck. I was now on the wrong side of the motorway and decided to go back to my initial trail head and have a go despite the sign about private road.

When I got back to my planned trail head I noted an old sign saying "Balcon de Alicante 1km", and pointing in the direction from which I had just arrived. I therefore decided to have a final go, and when I saw three cars parked at a small car park 130 metres up the unsigned gravel road I started to get optimistic. And things got better; two hikers arrived at the car park just before I was about to start my hike, and one of them spoke some English and could give me a fairly detailed route description. Game on!

I followed the gravel road uphill, and then turned left onto a path signed for Maigmo-something after a little more than one kilometre, despite the advice I had been give to turn left after two kilometres. But the sign convinced me that this would take me to the summit, and after having had some serious considerations in a number of junctions, I found myself below the final climb to Maigmo. I also found out what this "Balcon de Alicante" is; it's a large concrete terrace with excellent views towards Alicante.

From here I headed up one of the paths to the summit, and enjoyed the slightly exposed summit area, with steep walls on all sides except north-east. The summit was quite windy, but a jacket quickly sorted that issue, and I could enjoy the fine views and a sandwich.

After having taken photos I started my descent, and ended up returning via my ascent route, after having considered following the road from Balcon de Alicante back to my car.
Photos 06.05.2012