Middagsfjellet & Trolltinden from Tomrereset
Middagsfjellet  Trolltinden 


Estimated net time 4-5 hours
Difficulty There is a need to use the hands in the upper section when descending from Middagsfjellet down to the ridge towards Trolltinden, but there is no exposure and no difficulties. The rest of the route is on path and scree.
Drinking water No access to running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (June 2008).
Parking Room for many cars at the car park at trail head.
Start height 300 metres
Vertical metres 1130 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 10.0 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  


Drive to the intersection of roads 659 and 661 by Eidet (Tennfjord). Turn right towards Vatne, and continue from Vatne towards Fiksdal. When you meet road 661 at Fiksdal turn right and drive 7.4 km towards Tomrefjorden. You will now see a sign for "Setervegen" to your right. Drive 200 metres up this road to an unmanned toll booth. Pay the fee here (NOK 40 per June 2008), and continue for another 2.6 km on gravel road to a large car park on your right. Park here.

Start hiking by crossing the road and head south across boggy terrain. There is a path here, but can be hard to locate in the beginning. When you start to climb the path gets more visible. After 600 metres the path turns left (east) and ascends the south-west ridge of Middagsfjellet. Follow the path all the way to the Middagsfjellet summit.

From Middagsfjellet continue north-east into the ridge between Middagsfjellet and Trolltinden. The first tens of metres of descent is on a relatively narrow ridge, but the degree of exposure is low, and there are no difficulties (but you will use your hands in a few places). From the ridge continue upwards on the south-west face of Trolltinden. There is a path also here, but because of scree the path is hard to see in some places. If you loose track of the path just continue upwards towards the summit. There are a number of big cairns in the summit area but there is no doubt where the highest point is.

From the summit it is well worth continuing further north-east towards the arÍte between Trolltinden and Ytstetinden. This first section of the arÍte offers some exposure and use of hands is definitely required, but is not technically difficult. When you get to end of the "easy" section you will see an alternative descent route down to your left, and you can appreciate the arÍte that connects the two mountains.

The descent from Trolltinden is done via the ascent route.



29. June 2008

I had wanted to visit Trolltinden for a long time, and finally made the move on this Sunday. The hiking conditions were OK, with a grey sky but little danger of rain. During the hike I had a short spell of light rain, but this was of no concern compared to the annoying flies swarming around my head.

From the Trolltinden summit I spent a fair bit of time exploring the arÍte towards Ytstetinden. My conclusion is that if you follow the arÍte all the way you will need a rope in one place to descend something like five metres. However, there seems to be an alternative to go down a gully south-east of the summit where you might not need any safety equipment. I think I'll be back to try out either of these two alternatives ...

Photos 29.06.2008