Mont Pelat from Lac d'Allos car park
Mont Pelat


Estimated net time 5-6 hours
Difficulty No technical difficulties, but expect to use your hands in a few places for balance in the final slope. You're hiking to above 3000m so be well prepared for weather changes.
Drinking water No stable access to running water except when crossing the stream down at 2270m.
GSM coverage Very poor coverage throughout the route, but a little better around 2800-2900m (October 2011).
Parking Room for many cars at the trail head car parks. Expect to have to pay a fee mid-summer.
Start height 2115 metres
Vertical metres 960 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 13.0 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Trail head at the Lac d'Allos car park.
  The route up to the south slopes.


Drive road D908 north towards the town of Allos, a little more than 80 km (as the crow flows) north-west of Nice. Just before (south of) Allos turn right where signed for "Lac d'Allos", and drive 10.8 km to where the road ends at a number of car parks. Walk down to the lower car park and you will see signs for Mont Pelat. The path, signed for Mont Pelat and marked with yellow paint when you get above the forest, can be follow all the way to the summit.

Return by reversing your ascent route.



08. October 2011

Saturday and day #2 of this year's autumn holiday for Elisabeth and me. We had spent the night in Castellane (Provence) and then drove north towards Allos in order to hike a 3000+ mountain; Mont Pelat. It was a beautiful morning when we set out, but cold and a bit windy. Hence I had packed all kind of gear in my back pack, and even being prepared for a change to wetter conditions.

The hike to Mont Pelat is easy in technical terms, but hiking almost 1000 vertical metres up to above 3000 metres makes life a little harder than the ~1500m tops we're used to at Sunnmøre, so the pace was quite moderate when we started to feel the strain.

At the summit we had a fantastic 360° view, and in particular the view of Monte Viso caught our attention. After having enjoyed the views and a light lunch we headed back down, meeting several other groups of hikers going to Mont Pelat.
Photos 08.10.2011