Mulvikknuken from Mulvika


Estimated net time 2-3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but a bit cumbersome through the forest, above the forest roads.
Drinking water No reliable access to running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (June 2010).
Parking Room for one or two cars around trail head.
Start height 45 metres
Vertical metres 585 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 7.4 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Mulvikknuken trail head above Mulvika.


NOTE: This route description is not something that can be followed "blindly"; I wrote this five months after I did the hike and my only notes were the GPS-tracks.


From the intersection of roads 62 and 70 in Sunndalsøra drive approximately 18.5 km north on road 70, first along the east shores of Sunndalsfjorden, and then across land past Ålvundeid. When road 70 splits fork left, following signs for Kristiansund. Drive another 6.0 km and turn left onto a gravel road. Drive 270 metres uphill and park where a gravel road forks left.

Start walking by following the gravel road uphill, in a north-west direction. After 900 metres turn right across a small bridge crossing a stream. Continue another 480 metres and fork right, and proceed west/north-west another 750 metres. Here the forest road ends, but you will find a new forest road heading east, which you should stay on for 500 metres before it makes a sharp left. Walk 120 metres west and then turn right, uphill through the forest. Proceed north and north-west all the way to the summit, through a relatively open forest, but a little cumbersome because of partly moss hidden boulder.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



12. June 2010

I was spending the week-end together with friends at Sunndalsøra, for the annual shot putt decathlon competition. After the fourth event my shoulder was so sore I didn't see any point completing the competition, and excused myself and drove to Mulvika to hike Mulvikknuken, despite the fact that it was a wet a grey day.

I found trail head without any problems and asked one of the locals if there were any paths to Mulvikknuken. He was a helpful chap, and gave me good directions, but either I missed some part of his explanation or it was a long time since he had hiked the described route; I lost the route somewhere in the forest. It's tempting to assume his explanation was wrong, since I'm sure I got to the point where I was supposed to find a path, and I searched around for quite a while, but I also know from experience that locals are much more likely to know what they're talking about than a first time visitor.

But I was determined to get to the summit, so after having conceded on the described route I decided to stop searching for a path and instead head uphill, where the summits usually can be found! A little after leaving the forest roads and starting the off-path hike I saw a full size moose only 20-25 metres away from me, but it was hidden within the forest before I got my camera out.

At the summit I had virtually no views, and after having taken one photo I headed back down the way I had ascended.
Photos 12.06.2010