Nonstinden from Bøstølen (ski)


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No technical difficulties, but there are some relatively steep sections that will require crampons on hard snow.
Drinking water You're likely to find running water in the lower section during spring.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (April 2015).
Parking Room for many cars around trail head.
Start height 439 metres
Vertical metres 1135 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 8.5 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Nonstinden trail head at Bøstølen.
  Normal skiing routes up and down Nonstinden.


From the E136/64 junction outside Åndalsnes centre drive E136 10.0 km in the direction of Ålesund. Turn left where signed for "Berill", and measure from where you leave E136:

- At 7.2 km turn right towards "Bøstølen".

- At 7.5 km pay toll in the unmanned toll booth (NOK 90 per 2015 before 1 May, and NOK 80 after 1 May).

- At 12.4 km turn right across a small bridge where signed for "Bøstølen".

- At 13.7 km park on the car park on the left hand side of the road.

Start skiing by following the mountain road 100 metres or so and then gradually bear a little right (a little west of north) and aim for Nonstinden's sky line just above the forest. Ski into the valley and gradually make your way up the steep slopes towards the ridge. Once on the ridge, at around 1150m, follow the ridge up to the summit. Be careful with respect to cornices towards east and north.

Descend by skiing down to the saddle between Nonstinden and top 1504m and then head left down where you find your preferred terrain. Continue down to the valley a little right (west) of where you ascended and ski back out the flat section to the trail head.



19. April 2015

Sigurd and I were spending the week-end at Bjorli, and after the miserable weather the previous day we were happy to wake up to a bright and sunny Sunday. After cleaning the cabin we drove to Innfjord and up to Bøstølen to ski Nonstinden. There were a number of cars at the trail head car park when we got there so expected to be able to follow tracks all the way to the summit.

Skiing through the forest was harder than expected, despite tracks, because of partly rotten snow, but once we got above the forest things improved. Higher up, in the upper section before we got to the ridge, the snow was quite hard and several skiers chose to carry their skis a few tens of vertical metres.

The summit views were as stunning as expected from this very prominent top, but at the same time we were very keen to start the descent so didn't hang around for more than a few minutes. Unfortunately the descent wasn't as enjoyable as I had hoped since the snow was getting quite wet and heavy from the strong sun, and in the lower half the snow "sucked" quite considerably, but it was after all an infinitely much better experience than the failed attempt on Kjøvskartinden the day before.

Photos 19.04.2015