Olsokfjellet CW from Fyllingsdalen


Estimated net time 1-1½ hour
Difficulty No difficulties.
The whole route is done on road, forest road and path.
Drinking water No stable access to running water.
GSM coverage Unknown.
Parking Room for some cars along the road by trail head.
Start height 105 metres
Vertical metres 270 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 3.9 km
GPS-file X


Route photo



From Bergen centre drive across Puddefjordsbruen on road 555, and then exit onto road 540, which will take you through the tunnel to Fyllingsdalen. From the exit of the tunnel drive another 400 metres, and turn right in the round about. Then turn right again after 70 metres, onto Øvre Fyllingsveien and drive a little more than 200 metres. Find parking along the left side of the road.

Start walking by following a narrow road next to a stone building, where signed for Damsgårdsfjellet. Turn right after less than 100 metres, onto Nordnæsdalsveien. Follow this road approximately 250 metres, and stay on Nordnæsdalsveien when it does a sharp left turn. This road will take you up to the sports ground in Nordnæsdalen. After having passed the sports ground (on your left hand side) continue straight ahead on the path. This path will take you up to the pass between Olsokfjellet and Gravdalsfjellet, and around the highest point on this pass you turn right onto the path leading up to Damsgårdsfjellet. From the summit of Damsgårdsfjellet proceed east150 metres and then turn right to climb Olsokfjellet.

From Olsokfjellet turn left relative to the direction you arrived, and head south-east down Olsokfjellet's south slopes. Make sure you stay right in any major path forks, and you will get back down to the sports ground in Nordnæsdalen. From here follow your ascent route back to the car.



03. June 2010

I had made an appointment with my Bergen-friends Morten, Ole and Svein to hike Olsokfjellet this nice Thursday evening, but since we had agreed to start as late as 20:30 I did a hike to Herlandsfjellet and Skåldalsfjellet straight from work, before picking up my friends at their respective homes. Actually, this was my third hike of the day, since I had also done Liafjellet in Os before work.

After some navigational problems while hiking through the urban part of the route, we found the forest road leading up to the pass between Olsokfjellet and Gravdalsfjellet, and from here the path taking us up the west slopes of Damsgårdsfjellet. From here it was an easy stroll across to Olsokfjellet.

The initial plan had been to descend via our ascent route, but when we saw a couple of hikers coming up from south we asked them if this route would take us back down to the sports ground in Nordnæsdalen. They confirmed, so we all agreed it would be good to make the hike into a round-trip.
Photos 03.06.2010