Puttegga from Tunga


Estimated net time 9-12 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Several sources of running water to a little above Pyttbua; nothing stable higher up.
GSM coverage Coverage above ~1700 metres (September 2013).
Parking Room for many cars at trail head car park.
Start height 805 metres
Vertical metres 1290 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 31.0 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Puttegga trail head at Tunga.
  Lower part of route from Pyttbua to Puttegga.


From Bjorli centre, on road E136 between Åndalsnes and Dombås, drive 4.7 km north-west and turn left towards "Brøste". Measure from here.

- At 5.2 km pay toll in unmanned toll booth (NOK 40 per 2013).

- At 10.3 km turn left.

- At 13.0 km park on the large car park before a wooden bridge.

Start your hike by crossing the bridge crossing Puttåa river, and walk in total 1.1 km on the forest road before turning left onto a path signed for "Pyttbua". Follow this path 8.4 km to Pyttbua, and then continue directly west (signed "Puttegga"). The path towards Puttegga ends approximately 2.3 km after Pyttbua, a little below Putteggenden, and from here on you continue west on the wide ridge all the way to the summit. At the summit you will find several cairns and a summit registration book.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



07. September 2013

Elisabeth and me had walked from Tunga to Pyttbua the night before, arriving Pyttbua as it started to get a little dark. The plan for this Saturday was to hike Puttegga, and if the weather was OK we intended to include also Høgstolen, Karitinden and Karihøa. But the morning weather was not favourable, with light rain and fog, so we weren't too optimistic with respect to the longer hike. Anyway, we set out for Puttegga around 8 am, and reached the summit after a little more than two hours. On our way we had mostly hiked in fog, but during a couple of minutes of lighter conditions we managed to get a view of all targets for the day.

When we got to the summit of Puttegga it was dense fog, and clear that it wasn't much point continuing towards Høgstolen and Karitinden. But we decided to give the longer route a chance by hanging around at Puttegga for a while to see if the weather would clear. Unfortunately this didn't happen so we started our descent, a little half-happy. "Fortunately" the fog never cleared properly, so even if we had waited another couple of hours we would have ended up doing most of the hike with very limited visibility.

The walk back out from Pyttbua to Tunga can best be described as "boring transportation", so it was good to get to the car, and the Coke waiting to be consumed. Then a nice drive across Trollstigen and to our cabin at Fjellsetra.

Photos 07.09.2013