Rånåkollen from Haugen by Bjorli


Estimated net time 1½-2 hours
Difficulty No difficulties. Good path all the way, but a bit wet in places.
Drinking water No access to running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (October 2007).
Parking Room for a couple of cars at trail head.
Start height 698 metres
Vertical metres 470 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 4.1 km
GPS-file X
Route photo   The route across the fields towards Rånåkollen.


From the Hydro/Texaco petrol station by Bjorli drive 1.3 km south-east on road E136. Turn right where it is signed for "Rånå" and "Flyplass" (airport), and drive for 2.6 km until you get to a rack of post-boxes where it is signed for "Rånåkollen". Find parking here.

Start walking by following the gravel road north-east, up to a farm. Pass the barn on the left hand side, and aim for an old timber house located in the lower part of the fields. From this house you walk towards the north-western corner of the field. You can aim for a small group of birch in the middle of the field, and from here continue to the corner of the field.

As you get off the field you will find a low fence and then the path. Follow this path to the left, before it starts to climb towards the Rånåkollen summit. This path will take you all the way to the first of the Rånåkollen cairns. From this point it is a short distance to the Rånåkollen high point.

The descent is best done by following the ascent route.



29. November 2014

Photos 29.11.2014


28. October 2007

After having found out the day before that the hike to Rånåkollen was a short and easy hike, Elisabeth wanted to visit this top as a Sunday morning exercise. We drove from the Rolls-Royce cabin at Bjorli, and started walking 09:30. The temperature was 9°C, and it was a fairly strong wind. We did reasonable pace up the mountain, and were back down after just over one hour.

Photos 28.10.2007


27. October 2007

We were staying the week-end at one of the Rolls-Royce cabins at Bjorli. I had done some research before going to Bjorli, and had found that Rånåkollen would be a nice and easy hike to do (the source was, as so often, Arnt's brilliant Westcoastpeaks).

I found my way to Haugen from Bjorli, and started walking 08:45. Unfortunately I hadn't studied Arnt's route description very well, and ended up doing a major de-tour to Bølii on Rånåkollen's east side. I actually called Arnt to get some directions from him, and he managed to get me back on track.

From then it was an uneventful trip up to the summit. Then a quick run back to the car, and a drive back to the cabin for breakfast with the others.

Photos 27.10.2007