Ramstadvarden from Årsetsætra


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties. A bit wet between lakes Årsetvatnet and Svartevatnet.
Drinking water No easy access to drinking water except by lake Årsetvatnet.
GSM coverage Unknown.
Parking Room for several cars at trail head.
Start height 205 metres
Vertical metres 780 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 7.2 km
GPS-file X
Route photo   The route from Årsetvatnet to Ramstadvarden.


From the ferry at Aursneset drive 2.6 km towards Stranda on road 60. Turn left where it is signed for "Ramstaddal". Continue 11.9 km and turn right, drive through the settlement in Ramstaddalen, and continue another 2.6 km. Here you will meet the gravel road coming down from Fjellsetra, from your right. Turn right here, towards Fjellsetra and continue 1.1 km. Here you will find trail head, signed "Skotet", on a wooden sign.

Alternatively, if driving road 60 between Velledalen and Strandafjellet, exit road 60 where signed for "Fjellseter" (21.9 km from Aursneset on road 60), and drive 6.0 km along north shore of Nysetervatnet until the road forks. Take the left leg towards Ramstaddalen, and continue 4.5 km until trail head.

At trail head find parking on either side of the road. Start walking by following the path upwards (north-east) to Årsetvatnet (follow signs for "Skotet"). When you get to Årsetvatnet walk on the left (north) side of the lake. Just after half way along the lake there is a small stream coming down from Svartevatnet; follow this stream on the left hand side up to lake Svartevatnet. You are now on the south-west ridge of Ramstadvarden. Follow the path along this ridge. When on the last hill before Ramstadvarden you should aim for a small gully coming down from the summit. This will take you to the Ramstadvarden summit cairn. It is possible that there is another point of same altitude as where the cairn is located, but this point is only a few tens of metres away from the summit cairn.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



13. October 2012

After two previous hikes to Ramstadvarden, in 2007 and 2011, I had yet to visit this mountain in anything but rough weather. So when planning the Saturday hike on Friday night I was keen to visit Ramstadvarden since the forecast was most promising. Ideally I would have planned a new top, but there were two restricting factors; snow well below 1000 metres, and the fact that there where plenty of must do since this was the last week-end at our cabin before the winter season (landing the boat, putting the kayaks away, dismounting the trampoline, and more).

I agreed with Kjetil to meet in Fasteindalen at 11:30, which would allow us to reach the summit when the sun was at its highest. And this worked out well, with a fantastic clear sky throughout our hike, including while at the summit.


11. October 2007

Elisabeth and me did this hike together, this Thursday during autumn holidays. We were staying at our cabin, while the boys were in Brattvåg together with my parents-in-law.

When we started from Årsetsætra at 10:55 it was raining and quite windy. The temperature was 7°C. When we got onto the south-west ridge of Ramstadvarden, about 100 metres above Årsetvatnet, the wind was strong and there was fresh snow on the ground; not nice conditions at all.

Elisabeth decided to call it a day about 100 vertical metres from the top. I continued, now trying to run. Doing good speed was difficult since up here it was 20-30 cm of wet snow. At the summit it was storm, and when trying to take photos I was feeling the camera was going to flatten my face.

I rushed back down to where Elisabeth had found shelter, and together we got ourselves back to the car as quickly as possible.

Photos 11.10.2007