Raudlifjellet from Tømmernes


Estimated net time 2½-3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Running water from the stream along the forest road at the start of the route. Nothing further up.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (April 2010).
Parking Room for several cars at and around trail head.
Start height 63 metres
Vertical metres 435 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 6.6 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Parking and trail head at Tømmernes.


From Bergen drive road E39 south towards Os. Approximately 600 metres after entering Os municipality turn left onto a bridge that crosses a river. This road is signed "Tømmernes". After having crossed the narrow bridge turn left and drive 200 metres to a fork. Turn left and drive another 50 metres, and keep right in this fork. Drive another 100 metres along this gravel road and park.

Start walking by following the gravel road north-east, along a stream. The gravel road soon becomes a forest road, continuing north-east. After a little more than 300 metres this forest road forks into two vaguer forest roads. Turn left here, and cross the stream. Then turn right and head north, gradually gaining height towards the ridge up on your left (west). Continue north and gain altitude in order to get up onto the ridge. When you get up to the ridge continue north/north-east until you meet a path marked by white ribbons on the trees. Follow this path to the right (east) until you cannot see anymore white ribbons. You should now be by a tree marked with white ribbons and two wooden arrows/signs. Turn left here, on a path marked more sparsely with smaller blue ribbons, heading north. Follow this path along the ridge until you get to two wooden signs, pointing left towards "Nordhordlandskulten" and straight ahead towards "Ørnahaugarne". Do a quick de-tour to your left to gain the view point by the trigonometric point at Nordhordlandskulten, or save this for the return, and then proceed north towards Raudlifjellet.

At Raudlifjellet you will find a registration point, but close to zero views thanks to the forest.

The descent is best done by reversing the ascent route.



07. April 2010

Day two of this week's visit to our Hagavik factory, and time to bag another of the local hills. This Wednesday was quite foggy, but hiking conditions were OK thanks to no rain and a fair temperature.

I had brought hiking to work, so after finishing the day's duties I quickly changed into more comfortable clothes and drove towards Søfteland, a place probably best known for having brought up several good race walkers, amongst them a double Olympic silver medallist (Kjersti Tysse Plätzer in 2000 and 2008). I easily found the trail head and proceed up along the forest road, which soon turned into a vague path. After having followed this path for a while, loosing it on several occasions, I suddenly found a tree with a white ribbon strapped around it. I found this a bit strange, but when I saw the next ribbon 20 metres ahead of me I though it might be a marked path. And to my satisfaction I soon got this confirmed, which made my doubts about directions vanish.

Having followed this quite acceptable path for a while I was disappointed to get to a path junction and not seeing any ribbons any longer. And the signs on a tree only pointed back to where I had arrived from. After a second of hesitation I decided to turn left, heading north, since this was the general direction I should be heading. Soon I found some small blue ribbons on the trees, and as the path headed towards a distinct ridge I became confident this path would take me to Raudlifjellet. When I got to the wooden signs pointing towards Nordhordlandskulten and Ørnahaugarne I decided to do the de-tour to Nordhordlandskulten when coming back down, and proceeded north towards the summit.

The summit of Raudlifjellet was a disappointment in terms of views; I didn't expect much since it was a foggy afternoon, but even in nice weather the views would have been very limited thanks to the trees all around. That meant my summit stop only lasted what it took me to sign the registration book and take a couple of photos, before heading back to Nordhordlandskulten. From here the views were slightly better, but nothing to go crazy about. So after another short stop I headed back down to the car, enjoying some easy running on the mostly fine path.

Will I do this hike again? Not sure, but it is definitely not a "definite no".
Photos 07.04.2010