Revsdalshornet from Tuvdalen, return


Estimated net time 3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but a section of dense bush in the lower section of Revsdalshornet's south slope.
Drinking water Easy access to drinking water while you walk along the river Tudalselva.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route..
Parking Room for a couple of cars next to the bridge by Tudalselva.
Start height 350 metres
Vertical metres 660 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 6.3 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  The route up Revsdalshornet.


From Ålesund drive to Magerholm and take the ferry across to Aursneset. From the ferry port drive 21.9 km towards Stranda on road 60, then take left towards Fjellsetra, and continue 3.0 km until you get to the small bridge crossing the river Tudalselva. Find parking here.

A few metres east of the bridge you will find a vague path. Follow this path along the river for approximately 1 km, until you see two large stones (approx. 2 metres high and 1 metre in diameter). Some sections of the path is vague, but as long as you stay close to the river you'll be OK. From the stones aim for the foot of the mountain, looking for the most open sections for the ascent. After having fought your way through some dense bush try to find the most open sections to the summit. The terrain gets drier and more open the further up you get.



09. June 2007

I did this hike on a Saturday when spending the week-end at our cabin at Fjellsetra, starting from trail head at 16:20. It was a fine afternoon with 23°C, a light wind and a bit cloudy.

Photos 09.06.2007