Rjĺhornet from Djupvik to Nykreim


Estimated net time 2-2˝ hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Running water from a stream down towards the end of the descent, and under normal conditions also likely to be running water close to the path during ascent.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (February 2014).
Parking Room for one or two cars at trail head, and room for several cars down at the end of the hike.
Start height 28 metres
Vertical metres 570 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 5.9 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Rjĺhornet trail head at Djupvik.
  Last part of route from Rjĺhornet down to Nykreim.
  Parking of second car at Nykreim.


NOTE: This route description assumes you have two cars, one at the start of the route at Djupvik and one where you come down to Nykreim.

From the junction between roads 61 and 654 on the island Gurskřya, approximately 18.7 km south on road 61 from the ferry port at Hareid:

- Drive 3.3 km south, in the direction of Larsnes, on road 61.

- Turn left where signed for "Voldnes" and park one car down by the sea.

- Drive 1.6 km back north on road 61.

- Turn left where signed for "Djupvik" (this is the southern of the two exits for Djupvik).

- Drive 450 metres and fork left onto a gravel road.

- Drive 120 metres and park on the left hand side of the road, immediately after a small bridge.

Start you walk by heading back across the bridge and then immediately turn right onto a path. Follow this obvious path west/south-west, and then up the north-east slopes of Rjĺhornet, staying on the right hand side of the stream Vadelva. You will find a small building and a mast at the summit, as well as a summit cairn.

Descend by first heading a few tens of metres east before heading south-east, down towards the power masts (stay left of these). This path, which is vague in places, will take you down to the farm at Moldtugarden. Then follow the short section of road down to where you parked the first car.



01. February 2014

I had planned for a couple of weeks to travel to Herřy this Saturday in order to bag some small coastal tops. And since I was in Arnt's neighbourhood I pinged him on Friday and asked if he wanted to join me for a hike or two. We agreed to meet along road 61 and first hike Rjĺhornet, and Arnt had been clever enough to take the opportunity to utilise the two cars, which allowed me to taste two of the normal routes to Rjĺhornet.

The three of us (also Arnt's dog Karma) walked at a descent pace up the north-east slopes, overtaking a man and his dog a little before the steeper section; clearly indicating Arnt's sore foot was on the mend. The summit stop was a relatively short one since the weather wasn't all that great for photos, and I also wanted to make sure I had sufficient time for another four hikes before it got dark.

Down at Nykreim Arnt decided to join me also for my hike to Gyrinakken, which saved me from driving Arnt back to his car, and it meant I had a guide for my next hike, and it meant I would have an opportunity for yet more good discussions about anything and everything.

Photos 01.02.2014