Rømerhornet from Aurdal, via Tua
Tua  Rømerhornet


Estimated net time 3-3½ hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No proper access to drinking water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route.
Parking Room for a number of cars at trail head.
Start height 175 metres
Vertical metres 735 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 7.6 km
GPS-file X
Route photo   Start of the route to Tua/Rømerhornet at Aurdal.
  Turn left here after around 600 metres..


From Ålesund drive towards Magerholm, and take the ferry across to Aursneset. From the ferry drive 2.6 km towards Stranda on road 60, and turn left where signed for "Ramstaddal". Drive 2.2 km and turn right, and then turn left after 150 metres, immediately after having crossed a bridge. Continue 1.2 km on this road before turning right, and drive uphill 700 metres, the last 300 metres on gravel road. You will now drive through a gate (most likely open) and pass a couple of old buildings. Park on the area next to these buildings.

Start walking by continuing along the forest road, in the same direction as you were driving. After 600 metres another forest road comes down from your left. There are several sign-boards here. Turn left and follow this road. 200 metres along this road it does a sharp right, and you follow this road in an eastern direction. After 500 metres this road starts to turn left, and a little later does a 90° left; you will be coming down through the forest at this point.

Continue 500 metres until the forest road ends, and keep walking in the same direction through the spruce forest until you are out in the open. Turn right here and find your best route uphill. After around 200 metres turn left and aim for the summit of the hill out to your left; Tua.

From Tua head east/south-east down towards the saddle between Rømerhornet and Tua, and make your way up through the forest. There is no proper path here, but there are plenty of acceptable paths made by the local sheep. You should now aim for the south-east ridge of Rømerhornet, and once above the forest you will find a good path right on the edge of the ridge. Follow this path to the summit.

From Rømerhornet head back down the path that follows the ridge. When you get to the forest and the path gets more vague you need to continue in the same south-west direction, finding your best route through the forest. Eventually you will get to a narrow belt of spruce forest, and after having crossed this forest you will reach the point where the forest road does the 90° left (mentioned above). From here you follow the ascent route back to the car.


8. October 2008

After my aborted attempt at Tungremtindane yesterday I decided to make sure I stayed below the snow today. The weather wasn't very promising so I decided to do a relatively short hike, and based on what mountains I hadn't previously visited I decided to do Rømerhornet.

I left my cabin at Fjellsetra a little after 9am, and was all set by 09:50. The route description I was following was from a printed version of the "Fjellhug" book (not having Internet access at my cabin has some restrictions), and it was a bit vague with respect to the exact location of the trail head. Anyway, I was able to find something I considered to be the most likely trail head, and proceeded along the forest road. When I got to the point I though might be the "90° left bend" mentioned in the book, I couldn't see the opening in the forest that was described. I therefore continued along the forest road, in hope of a more definite correlation between observed terrain and description in the book. When I got to the end of the forest road I considered going back to the mentioned point, but I knew I was likely to be on an acceptable route anyway, so I proceeded through the spruce forest and onto the open moor. From here I could see Rømerhornet, and head uphill. After a few minutes walking I could also see the a small de-tour to Tua wouldn't cost me must extra time nor effort, so I turned left and headed towards Tua.

It was quite windy even at this height, but the expected heavy rain was still absent. After taking a few photos I head towards Rømerhornet, and decided to aim for what looked to be the highest point of the flat saddle between Rømerhornet and Tua; checking my GPS-tracks when I got back showed that I had hit the fixed point 466 almost spot on.

After the saddle I ascended through the forest, but couldn't find any good paths going uphill. I therefore walked a little more east than the shortest route to the summit, using whatever I found of vague paths made by sheep. As I got out of the forest I started to feel the wind, and the rain also picked up a little. This poor weather remained the same until I was at the summit, hence I had no wish for a longer stay at the summit than what I required to take a few photos.

I then followed the good path along the south-west ridge back down to the forest. Here I lost the path, but decided that the terrain was easy enough and didn't bother looking for paths. This decision proved a good one, and after not long I was back down at the forest road, hitting it exactly where the "Fjellhug" book described it. Then back down to the car, some shopping in Sykkylven, and half an hour drive back to the cabin.

Photos 08.10.2008