Såta from Hornslia
Veslehorn  Storehorn  Såta


Estimated net time 5-6 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but you have to use your hands in a number of easy scrambling sections. First when ascending Veslehorn, then up the gully to Storehorn, and finally both up and down Såta.
Drinking water Many sources of running water between the mountains.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (July 2011).
Parking Room for many cars at trail head car park.
Start height 1055 metres
Vertical metres 790 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 12.8 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Trail head in Hornslia.
  Ascent of Veslehorn.
  Ascent of Storehorn.


Drive road 52 from Gol to Hemsedal. Approximately 20 km north of Gol, and less than 10 km south of Hemsedal centre, turn left (west) where signed for "Thorsetstølane". Drive a little less than 800 metres and turn left. After another 300 metres you get to an unmanned toll booth, where you need to pay (NOK 40 per 2011). Follow this gravel road 6.7 km to the car park at the end of the road. The road first runs south/south-east, before turning right and going north-west. Park at this car park.

Start your hike by following the obvious path up from the car park. Whenever the path forks stay right, which will enable you to stay close to the edge above the valley 600 metres below. After you have crossed the river south of Veslehorn you should climb the steep path up to the distinct gap on the right side of Veslehorn. Be a little careful up in this gap since the gully on the north side is extremely steep. From the gap descend a little and proceed west on a path running horizontally in the south slopes of Veslehorn. After a little more than 200 metres a path runs steep up to the right, and will take you to the summit. Be prepared to use your hands in a couple of places in the beginning of this path. The summit is marked by a cairn and a trigonometric point marker.

From Veslehorn walk west down to the saddle between Veslehorn and Storehorn, and head up the path marked with blue paint. This path is relatively steep, but there are no difficulties. The summit of Storehorn is marked by a cairn. In order to descend Storehorn's west slopes you continue west from the summit. Make sure you head a little right of the small cairn you see furthest away from the summit. There is no path up here, but you will find a path once you have started your descent down the west slopes. Follow this path down to where it turns left and runs along the base of Storehorn. Here you should leave the path and head south-west towards Såta. There are no paths here but you should be able to find a sheep track after a couple of hundred metres. Find your best way up the north-east slopes of Såta, which has a large cairn at its summit.

From Såta head south-east and aim for the distinct Veslesåta, which you will see when you get to the edge of the summit plateau. There are some steep sections down the south-east slopes of Såta, but you will be able to identify a good route when seen from above. When you have descended the steeper section head east and aim for the power masts that can be seen on the skyline. From here you will get back down to the path you followed at the start of your hike.



30. July 2011

I had arrived at Håvard's cabin above Nesbyen the night before, and for this Saturday we planned a relatively short hike to Veslehorn and Storehorn, which I had wanted to visit ever since I saw them back in 1985. But while planning the hike I also noticed that the more prominent Såta could be included if the weather was nice and the terrain looked favourable.

When Håvard and me set out from the car park above Hornslia the weather was very nice and I was looking forward to an easy hike in sunny conditions. And because of the fine weather we decided to include the distinct rock feature on the south-east side of Veslehorn on our way, which included a spectacular view down into the gully on the north side of Veslehorn. From here we proceeded up to the summit, which was a fairly busy place this fine afternoon. From Veslehorn we proceed west and up to Storehorn, where we got visual confirmation that Såta was indeed something that could be done. Hence we decided to descend Storehorn via its west slopes and then head up to Såta. And Såta was definitely well worth visiting, with splendid views in all directions.

From Såta we took on the long hike back to the car, while discussing what to eat for dinner. We both agreed that we couldn't be bothered with a lot of cooking so decided to buy a couple of frozen pizzas. Back at the cabin these were eaten together with a fine Italian red wine, while enjoying the evening sun.
Photos 30.07.2011