Sætredalsfjellet from Sæter
Sætredalsfjellet  Sætredalsfjellet-1482


Estimated net time 5-7 hours
Difficulty No technical difficulties, but the west slopes from 900m to 1100m are steep and with sections of wet moss.
Drinking water Running water up to where you leave the valley and take on the west slopes of Sætredalsfjellet; more unstable above this.
GSM coverage Coverage from trail head and almost all the way up to Sætredalsfjellet (June 2014).
Parking Room for a few cars around trail head.
Start height 292 metres
Vertical metres 1405 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 10.2 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Beginning of the route to Sætredalsfjellet.
  Lower part of route up Sætredalsfjellet's west slopes.


Start measuring from the 3-way junction on road 60 above (west of) Stranda centre, where road 60 goes towards Sykkylven, Stranda centre and Hellesylt. Drive towards Hellesylt and Stryn.

- At 27.0 km you pass the exit to Hellesylt.

- At 31.5 km turn right towards Ørsta on road 655.

- At 34.9 km turn right onto a gravel road where a wooden sign points towards "Sætredalen", drive 80 metres and find parking close to the remains of an old house.

Start walking by following the gravel road south-east, towards a small bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left onto a dirt road. After 200 metres the dirt road turns right, and 60 metres later the path starts up to the left. The path is vague in the beginning, but there is red paint on trees so navigation shouldn't cause any problems. Before entering the forest you cross two gates and soon after this the path gets more defined.

When you get out of the forest at 660 metres the path gets less visible, but it's marked with a few small cairns into the valley. Continue another 550 metres, almost to the small lake at 730 metres. From here turn right (north-east), cross the stream, and start your climb up Sætredalsfjellet's west slopes. There are no paths up here so you will have to find your best route. It's worth taking notice of the cliff bands that makes some ledges up in the west slopes, and plan your route around those. When you get above the ledges gradually start turning east and aim directly for the summit of Sætredalsfjellet, which isn't marked in any way.

From Sætredalsfjellet head directly south, along the wide ridge, all the way to the cairn at Sætredalsfjellet-1482. Descend from here by reversing your ascent route back down to the saddle between the two summits, and then traverse north/north-west across the west slopes until you get to your ascent route at approximately 1220m. From here reverse your ascent route back down the ledges and all the way down to the car.



29. June 2014

I had been wanting to take on Sætredalsfjellet for a couple of years, and on this Sunday Kjetil joined me for the relatively long hike in less than pleasant terrain. The section up the ledges and cliff bands from 900m and up to approximately 1200m simply weren't very enjoyable hiking, in particular because of the slippery moss in the steep terrain. Hiking above this was fairly straight forward, and the summit views were quite nice despite some light mist covering some of the tops.

Photos 29.06.2014