Saksaklepp from Dravladalsvatnet


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties. The whole route is marked by red "T"s, but the path is in general very vague.
Drinking water Several streams along the route.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (July 2012).
Parking There is room for many cars at the car park next to the Dravladalsvatnet dam.
Start height 950 metres
Vertical metres 640 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 6.8 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Rough overview of route to Saksaklepp from Dravladalsvatnet.


From the ferry port at Jondal drive across road 550 and continue east. This road is signed for Folgefonna. After a little more than 8 km make sure you turn right, towards Folgefonna, and pay toll after a few tens of metres (NOK 80 per 2012). 16.2 km from the ferry port a road runs down to the dam on the west side of lake Dravladalsvatnet, and you will find plenty of space to park down by the dam.

Start your hike by crossing the dam and then follow the red "T"s marking the way up to Bjørnafetet. You pass a small cabin along the way a little below the summit. From Bjørnafetet the path continues north before heading east into the gully between Bjørnafetet and Saksaklepp. The marked path then climbs Saksaklepp via its south-west slopes.

Descend by reversing your ascent route back down to the gully and then short-cut across to the south-east slopes of Bjørnafetet. When you re-join the marked path follow the red "T"s back down to the dam.



24. July 2012

Tuesday, and day #2 in Jondal, with better weather and fair forecast for the rest of the day. Sigurd and me drove up to Folgefonna after breakfast, and after leaving him at the summer ski-centre I drove back down towards lake Dravladalsvatnet with the intention to hike Saksaklepp. I was a bit surprised to see the road down to the dam blocked by snow, but there was sufficient space to park at the top of the gravel road without blocking for anyone or anything in either direction.

When I started my hike there was fog above 1200 metres, but knowing that the route to Saksaklepp was well marked this was a safe route, and there was also promising signs of weather improvements. The red "T"s marking the way to Saksaklepp was a bit sparse in a few places, and the path is not very well defined, so I had to stop a few times and consider my onward route. On the other hand you don't want red paint scattered all over the place so whoever did the job did it just right.

At the summit of Saksaklepp I didn't get the views I could potentially get, on a nice day, but I still enjoyed every moment of a day without rain, and the temperature was fine. And during my descent the clouds lifted considerably, and I even got a fair amount of sun.

Halfway down Bjørnafetet I called Elisabeth and Njål, who had made the drive up to Folgefonna, and we agreed to meet at the dam to have lunch together. They arrived the south end of the dam at the same time as me, and we spent 30 minutes there, in the sun, eating our sandwiches and throwing stones into the lake. After this Elisabeth drove back up to the ski-centre to pick up Sigurd when the skiing closed, and Njål and me drove down to Vassdalsvatnet to try our luck with the local trout. The result was one fine trout, just the right size for the frying pan, in addition to a fine time in the sun. Then back down to Jondal for shopping for dinner and waiting for Elisabeth and Sigurd.
Photos 24.07.2012