Samhjarte from F.bu, up-east down-south, return Synn.vatnet-west


Estimated net time 2-2½ hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Access to running water just after having passed the cabin "Gjersethytta", and from lake Urkedalsvatnet.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route, but a bit patchy in places. Good coverage at the summit.
Parking Room for many cars at the north end of lake Synnalandsvatnet.
Start height 90 metres
Vertical metres 445 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 11.7 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  


If arriving Brattvåg from south on road 659 continue for 2.5 km after having entered the 50 km/h zone. Here one will pass the Coop and the "Ingebrikt Davik-huset" (on one's right hand side). Turn left, continuing on the Storgata road for another 250 metres. Just before a small bridge, after having passed the Brattvåg primary school, turn left. Continue upwards for 1.1 km, and turn right after having passed the first speed bump. Drive another 200 metres until one reaches the parking place by lake Synnalandsvatnet. Here one will find ample parking space. In the unlikely event that this parking place is full then more parking space can be found by the Brattvåg kindergarten; go back 200 metres to the last junction and turn right. After 250 metres the kindergarten can be found on the left hand side. Parking here during day-time Monday-Friday will require permission from the kindergarten.

From the parking place cross the Synnalandsvatnet dam and head up to the floodlit road running along the west side of Synnalandsvatnet. This road is suitable for bikes. Continue along this road to the south end of the lake. Here the road is forking, with one road running back north on the east side of the lake, and one road continuing southbound. Continue heading south. The quality of the road is for the next kilometre not so suitable for cycling, but it gets much better again further south.

Approximately 1 km south of Synnalandsvatnet one reaches another lake; Gjersetvatnet, and the cabin Gjersethytta. 100 metres after the cabin the road crosses a small river. This is a good place to drink and fill the water bottle.

Continue on the road up to the highest point, signed "Høgstølen". Here one will see a path going off to the right (west), that lead directly up the east ridge of Samhjarte. The path can be a little hard to find in some places, but if in doubt one should just continue upwards and west.

Just below the summit you will meet the path coming up from south. Continue on this path, north bound, the last ~100 metres (~40 vertical metres).

When descending head back down south. When you get to the point where you meet the path coming up from east continue south, and follow this path down to lake Urkedalsvatnet. From Urkedalsvatnet turn left and follow the path that goes down to Kari's cabin (LarKarBu). From this cabin turn left again, hiking towards north. This path will eventually take you down to the mountain road that runs between Brattvåg and Grytastranda. Follow this road back down to lake Synnalandsvatnet, and when the road forks just south of the lake turn right and follow the west shore of Synnalandsvatnet back to trail head.



21. September 2008

For the second Sunday in a row we decided to have an alternative training session for the 12 year old football boys. On the agenda for today was Samhjarte, and just like last Sunday we were seven in total (two fathers and five boys). Again it was a really nice and warm day, with 17°C when we started around 13:00.

We all cycled to the south end of lake Synnalandsvatnet, left our bikes here, and walked in good speed up the east slopes of Samhjarte. We spent a fair amount of time around the summit, finding suitable places to practice some climbing/scrambling, which the boys seemed to enjoy.

We then descended down to Urkedalsvatnet, and while filling our water bottles Kari (the owner of the cabin LarKarBu) came down from Hildrehesten and we had a chat with her. Then we headed back down to our bikes, and decided to try the newly made mountain road on the west side of lake Synnalandsvatnet. This road was still a bit wet and muddy in places, and we had to come off our bikes in a couple of places.

None suggested a swim in the lake after the hike, but I think if someone did then probably most of the team would have joined in. Now it was back home for food, and for some a visit to Color Line stadium for Aalesund vs. Vålerenga in the Norwegian premier league.

Photos 21.09.2008


16. December 2007

Photos 16.12.2007