Sandvikshornet from Løset


Estimated net time 2½-3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No proper access to running water.
GSM coverage Coverage at the summit (June 2007), else unknown.
Parking Room for 2-3 cars on the right (south) side of the road, next to a stand-alone garage.
Start height 70 metres
Vertical metres 810 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 7.8 km
GPS-file X
Route photo   Start of route to Sandvikshornet from Løset.


From the ferry at Aursneset drive 2.6 km towards Stranda on road 60. Turn left where it is signed for "Ramstaddal". Continue 7.9 km until you get to Løset. Here you will find exits both to left and right. Next to the exit to the right you will see a stand-alone garage, and in the area around this garage you can park.

Start walking by aiming for the farm on the left hand side of the road. Walk past the house, and turn left up a small grass hill between a large garage and the barn. Having ascended this grass hill for about 30 metres you will get onto a vague path/road. Follow this path to the left, which will take you to a small stream, and then the path leading up to Sandvikshornet. Follow this path through the forest in a western direction. At around 280 metres the path makes a right turn, and continues in a north-eastern direction. Another 300 metres later the path forks (there is a salt-stone for sheep here, June 2007), with one leg continuing towards Løsetsetra, and the left leg leading towards Sandvikshornet. Follow the left leg, and continue on the east ridge of Sandvikshornet all the way to the summit. If you ever loose the path just stay on the ridge, and you will soon find the path again.

The descent is best done the same way as the ascent route.



14. September 2014

We had stayed the week-end at Fjellsetra, and with two cars we decided to take two different routes back home;  I would hike Sandvikshornet and the others drove directly home. It was a very nice autumn afternoon providing excellent views in all directions.

Photos 14.09.2014


08. June 2007

This week-end we were going to our cabin at Fjellsetra. Since this Friday was a glorious day I decided to take a day off, and drove to Sykkylven after having done a very quick (38:19) Heimste Synnalandsheia run at 05:15, and football training with the early-birds at 07:00.

I parked at Løset and started hiking at 10:20. The temperature was then 22°C, and together with a shining sun and no wind it was almost too hot for a hike.

On my way up I made two small mistakes in terms of selecting optimal route. First I missed the path up to the left just before the descent down to Løsetvatnet. Further up I missed the path that follows the east ridge of the mountain, and ended up traversing horizontally in the south side of the mountain, ending up having to do the last 150 vertical metres off-path. For the descent I found the shortest route. 

Photos 08.06.2007