Skottinden from Vitting


Estimated net time 2-3 hours
Difficulty Very steep, but no difficulties before a little below the summit. The most difficult move is a few metres below the summit, where the registration box is located. If you don't manage this move you can crawl under a big stone.
Be also aware of a vertical hole just below the summit, only half a metre from the path; a fall down here can be lethal.
Drinking water No reliable access to drinking water except from the small stream above trail head.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (July 2009).
Parking Room for one car at trail head. Alternatively you have to park on the gravel road somewhere before trail head. Make sure you don't block for other cars, and don't park on private property without getting permission.
Start height 10 metres
Vertical metres 685 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 3.6 km
GPS-file X (the descent tracks are correct)
Route photo  Trail head for Skottinden, at Vitting.
  The route up to the flat section at around 350 metres.
  The route to the summit from the flat section at around 350 metres.


From the intersection of roads E10 and 818 in Leknes turn right and drive towards (west). 300 metres later turn left towards "Haug". Drive 2.0 km along this road and turn right (there are no signs, but if coming from the other direction it is signed for "Sund"). Drive 6.1 km until the end of the road; the last 4.6 km is on gravel road. It might be that the road is closed by a gate 1.2 km before the road end. If so, you need to walk along the gravel road to the road end. If you can drive to the road end (likely) make sure your parking doesn't block for other traffic.

At trail head you will see a sign for "Skottinden". Follow the path uphill and cross the fence on the wooden stiles. From here aim a little left of Vittingstinden, the steep wall ahead of you. There are a number of trails up here, but they all come together to one path when you get up to the steeper terrain. Follow the steep path up to the flat section around 350 metres. Walk a little to the right, still on a good path, and follow the path up towards Skottinden. A little before the summit the path turns right, before turning left towards the summit. You then get to a slightly tricky point, where you will find the registration book. Here you will either have to make a climbing move or crawl under a big stone. After this you continue without problems to the summit.

The descent is best done by reversing the ascent route.



17. July 2009

The prime object of today's hiking was a visit to Skottinden, and Elisabeth and me drove south from Leknes to Vitting after lunch. The weather was more or less the same as it had been since we arrived Lofoten two days earlier, but throughout our hike to Skottinden the fog stayed above the summit, although most of the neighbouring mountains were covered by fog.

The path to Skottinden was easy to follow, but it was very steep and some care was required in the steepest sections. When we got to the crux of the route, a few metres below the summit, I decided to climb across the large rock blocking the gulley, while Elisabeth crawled through the hole under the rock. I assume climbing across the rock can be a little tricky if the rock is wet.

At the summit we enjoyed a nice view down towards the village of Ballstad, and also the mountains I had climbed before breakfast (Bulitinden and Guratinden). We also spent a long time watching the four eagles circling below us to the east of the summit. To our surprise we saw that a metal fence had been set up a little below the summit, in the steep eastern slopes. I really cannot see why anyone would need that protection, and we would argue that some kind of protection around the vertical hole below the summit would have served a much better purpose.

During our descent we met another couple, and I assume a lot of hikers makes the effort every year to hike this fine mountain.

Photos 17.07.2009