Skurdahornet from Stranda


Estimated net time 2½-3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Running water along river Langloelva, up to Skurdavatnet at 630 metres.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route.
Parking Room for a few cars (2-4) at trail head.
Start height 220 metres
Vertical metres 665 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 7.0 km
GPS-file X
Route photo   Skurdahornet trail head from Legesletta.
  Skurdahornet from top 797m.


By the Esso petrol station just west of Stranda centre, where you either drive down to Stranda centre or take road 60 to Hellesylt or Sykkylven, drive road 60 towards Sykkylven for 700 metres. Turn right towards "Ødegård". Then first left, after <100 metres, and then first right. You will now pass a small football pitch and a kindergarten. After this the road makes a 180° left turn. Continue upwards and take the last road to the right (this road is called "Legesletta"). Drive 350 metres along this road, almost to the end. There is a small parking place on the left hand side. Park here.

The hike starts by passing the gate by the parking place. Then follow the path upwards and north-west. If you are in doubt what path to follow, in the cases where the path is forking, always follow the bigger path. The path is marked by red or orange colour through the forest.

At 630 metres you will get to a small lake; Skurdavatnet/Skurdavatna. Here the path makes a sharp right (east). You can now see Skurdahornet ahead of you. Follow the path on the ridge up to point 797 metres. Then follow the path down into the small gully and up to Skurdahornet.

The descent is best done through the ascent route.



20. July 2013

Photos 20.07.2013


01. September 2007

I was on a meeting in Stranda with some of the Sunnmøre district football clubs and the Sunnmøre Football Association this week-end. The first meeting on Saturday was scheduled for 10:00, so I saw the opportunity for a hike before kick-off.

I woke up early Saturday morning, having been careful with the refreshments the previous night. The weather was fine, so my plan to visit Skurdahornet was on. I went to the hotel restaurant and grabbed a sandwich and something to drink, and drove up to trail head.

I started walking 07:10, in nice autumn conditions with temperature 3°C. I was wearing my Inov-8 Mudclaw 'O'330 fell running shoes, and was able to do good speed to the Skurdahornet summit. At the summit there was already another person (Birgit S. Olsen), who told me that during her two years of going to Skurdahornet in the morning she was yet to meet another person. This was her 71st visit this year!

I quickly signed the registration book, and the ran back down to the car. Then a quick shower and breakfast at the hotel. I even had time to download my photos and GPS-track to the PC before the meeting started.

Photos 01.09.2007