Smisetnebba from Smiset


Estimated net time 3½-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
The whole route is done on well marked path, although the path itself is a little vague in places. Some short sections can be a little wet.
Drinking water Some access to running water at the very beginning of the hike, and then a signed ("VATN") place for running water at around 700 metres.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (June 2011).
Parking Room for a few cars at trail head.
Start height 116 metres
Vertical metres 1060 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 8.6 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Smisetnebba trail head by Smiset.
  Turn right below cabin for Smisetnebba.


From the roads 62 and 70 junction in the centre of Sunndalsøra drive road 70 towards Kristiansund. From this round about drive 16.1 km, and turn left onto an unsigned road. There is a bus stop on the right hand side of road 70 where you turn left. Drive 1.1 km along this road and fork left in the road fork. Drive another 200 metres and you get to a small car park where there is a sign for "Smisetnebba". Park here.

Start your hike by following the forest road that runs a little to the left as you entered the area where you parked. Note that the whole route is well marked by red paint on rock and trees. Turn right after less than 100 metres and follow the slightly wet forest road to a bridge. Cross the bridge an immediately turn left. You will now yet again be on a forest road. 570 metres after you crossed the bridge make sure you fork left in the forest road junction. After another 400 metres you leave the forest road and head left onto a well defined and marked path. Follow this path up to an old wooden building at 380 metres and turn right. The path continues through the forest and then turns left and heads west all the way to the summit. The summit is marked by a cairn.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



18. June 2011

I was spending the week-end in Sunndalsøra for the annual shot putt "decathlon" competition, and this Saturday was competition day. But because of my weak and sore knee I decided to hike Smisetnebba and join the guys at Ålvundeid later in the day. I had wanted to hike this prominent mountain for a couple of years, but during my previous visits to Sunndalsøra it had either been too much snow or too poor visibility. This year there was no snow, and the weather was better than acceptable.

I left Sunndalsøra before the other guys, and had a fine but strenuous hike to Smisetnebba. After my hike I drove straight to Ålvundeid stadium where the others were ready to start the fifth event. I tried to compete in a few of the events, but with little strength and plenty of pain around my right knee it was very limited what I was able to do. Hence I took on the role of measuring throws and filming the guys, before we all headed back to Tore's house for fine food and plenty of drinks.
Photos 18.06.2011