Snaufjellet from Rekdal


Estimated net time 1 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but a little cumbersome in the upper part of the forest.
Drinking water No stable access to running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route, but very patchy at trail head (January 2013).
Parking Room for a couple of cars on small car park close to trail head.
Start height 200 metres
Vertical metres 285 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 3.7 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Snaufjellet trail head from Rekdal Setreveg.
  Turn left behind cabin for path towards Snaufjellet.


Drive to the intersection of roads 659 and 661 at Eidet in Tenfjord. Drive road 661 east, in the direction of Vatne, and turn left after 2.1 km where signed for "Fiksdal". Drive road 661 another 22.1 km and turn sharp right onto a gravel road. If you arrive from Fiksdal this is 7.6 km from the junction between road 661 and the road across Nakkedalen to Vatne.

Drive the gravel road 500 metres, past a football field, and pay toll at the unmanned booth, NOK 30 per 2013. Continue another 1.4 km uphill and note a forest road signed for "Skaret" going off left. Drive another 50 metres and park on the right hand side of the road.

Start your hike by going back down the gravel road to where the forest road starts. Follow this forest road 470 metres, to where it ends, and continue on the narrow path. Follow this path approximately 550 metres, to a small cabin. Pass the cabin on its right side and turn left to follow the path uphill. You get to a small marsh after 130 metres, with two old large fallen trees on the opposite side. The path continues right, but you might as well head uphill from here. Pass the fallen trees on their left hand side, and then find your best route by heading a little east of north, in other words not directly straight up but a little towards right. When you get above the forest you should continue uphill a little towards left. You will see a small cairn, and find the unmarked summit west of this cairn.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



12. January 2013

I hadn't done any hiking except for a short walk a couple of days earlier, because of a very sore right knee (meniscus), but thanks to the pills I had been been given a week a go the inflammation had reduced quite considerably. And when I woke up to a sunny and nice Saturday morning I decided to test my knee with an easy hike. Also, I wanted to hike a new mountain, but was a little restricted time wise because of a boys-12 handball match. Hence Snaufjellet was a perfect candidate.

I had considered walking up the toll road from the main road, but decided to play safe with my knee, and drove all the way up to the trail head. From here I followed the forest road, which had a number of icy patches, and then the path up to the cabin south of the summit. From here I continued on the path to the small marsh with the large fallen trees. From here I searched in vain for a path going uphill, and when I didn't find any I just headed uphill and towards right. After a short section of semi-rough terrain I found myself above the forest, and from here it was an easy hike to the summit.

From the summit I had fine views towards north and east, and with no wind the relatively low temperatures didn't make any impact on comfort, allowing me to take a number of photos and in general enjoying being out.

When descending I tried a route a little further west, to see if I could find a path, but the terrain was the same, and I ended up meeting my ascent path a little further east than where I left it during my ascent. Hence I concluded that the best route is the off-path route up from the marsh.
Photos 12.01.2013