Snøtinden from Ugelstadsetra
Seterfjellet  Gongrøra  Snøtinden


Estimated net time 4-5 hours
Difficulty No difficulties. The whole route is on path.
Drinking water The route runs close to a stream through the upper part of the forest towards Gongrøra.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (July 2012).
Parking Room for several cars at car park by trail head.
Start height 328 metres
Vertical metres 1165 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 10.6 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Snøtinden trail head by Ugelstadsetra.


Assume your starting point is the round about east of Molde centre where roads E39 and 662 intersect. Drive 4.2 km east on road E39 and turn left in the round about, towards Eide. Follow road 64 11.7 km to a round about where roads 663 and 64 intersect, and stay on 64 towards Eide. Note that there is a toll booth (NOK 20 per 2012) after 5.8 km. From the round about drive another 11.6 km and turn right onto a gravel road where signed for "Halåsen". Drive 4.2 km and turn right, and turn right again after another 600 metres, immediately after a small bridge. This is a toll road and the unmanned booth is found after 100 metres (NOK 20 per 2012), and you drive this road to where it does a sharp right after 3.2 km. Park at the small car park.

There is a path starting at the corner of the car park which will take you up to a path junction after 500 metres. Fork left here, towards Seterfjellet, and follow this path 1.4 km to Seterfjellet's summit, which is marked by a cairn and holds a summit registration book. Note that the path bypasses the actual summit on the left hand side so you need to leave the path to gain the final few metres to the summit.

From Seterfjellet head back down to the path junction and continue south across the Kjølaskardet pass, and then on fine path all the way to Gongrøra. This summit has a cairn located a few metres away from its true summit.

From Gongrøra walk south-west to the pass by Kaka, and then follow the path in the north-east slopes of Snøtinden up to 820 metres. The path now turns a little right (west) and will take you up to Snøtinden's north ridge. From here follow the steep west edge of this ridge to the summit. At the summit you will find a large cairn and a summit registration book.

Descend by reversing your ascent route, with the exception of the de-tour to Seterfjellet.



07. July 2012

My plan for for this Saturday was to go for a longish hike, and I wanted to visit an area I hadn't previously been to. But I didn't want to involve myself with a lot of snow, so was slightly limited on how high I could go. And I also suspected it might be fog quite far down so planned something where navigation wouldn't be too much of an issue. After having scanned through some literature on Friday night I concluded that Snøtinden would do the job, and it would also give me the opportunity to bag three mountains in total.

When I woke up Saturday morning the visibility in Brattvåg was very poor, and I had a suspicion that it might be the same also in other areas. But there should be paths to follow to Snøtinden, making navigation relatively easy. Hence I decided to stick to my original plan to go to Eide.

At the trail head by Ugelstadsetra the visibility was very poor, but I found the fairly well defined path which I knew would take me to Seterfjellet and Gongrøra, and I suspected it might be easy to navigate also to Snøtinden. This proved right, and was definitely a must since visibility throughout the route to Gongrøra was limited to a few tens of metres. And hence I had no views at all from neither Seterfjellet nor Gongrøra.

From Gongrøra I was happy to find a path heading towards Snøtinden, and when I saw dots of old red paint I was convinced there would be a marked route to the summit. And at Gongrøra I was also starting to hope that I might get above the fog at Snøtinden since I could start to feel the sun above the fog, which became a very realistic hope as I caught a glimpse of Snøtinden's summit when I descended from Gongrøra to the saddle. Reaching approximately 850 metres on Snøtinden brought me above the fog, and suddenly I was hiking in sunshine with blue sky everywhere above me. But below me there was a big carpet of white fog.

At Snøtinden I spent a long time, enjoying some nuts and raisins, taking a lot of photos, and simply enjoying the sun and views. After 25 minutes it was time to start the descent, and to get back down into the fog, which hadn't really lifted since I set out a few hours earlier. And with the exception of a short spell while back at Gongrøra the descent was done with no views at all, so I descended fairly quickly back to the car. Here I changed to dry clothes and took on the drive back home.
Photos 07.07.2012