Sølvberget from Stryn winter-ski (ski)


Estimated net time 1-1½ hours (if you start your skiing at the top of the ski-lifts)
Difficulty No difficulties, but beware of cornices on the north side of the summit ridge.
Drinking water No access to running water during winter.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (March 2013).
Parking Room for many cars at ski-centre car park (NOK 50 per day per 2013).
Start height 970 metres if you start your skiing at the top of the ski-lifts.
Vertical metres 340 metres for the roundtrip if you use the ski-lift up to its highest point.
Trip distance 6.6 km, assuming you use both ski-lifts.
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Assume your starting point is the round about where roads 15 and 60 intersect, in the centre of Stryn. Drive roads 15 and 60 100 metres in the direction of Stranda, and turn right where signed for ski-centre ("Skisenter"). Follow signs for the ski-centre for 4.6 km to the large ski-centre car park, making sure you turn right after 1.1 km. Park at the car park, and pay fee (NOK 50 per 2013) if the ski-centre is open.

You can ski up the ski-centre's piste, or you can use the ski-lifts. If using the ski-lifts you need to buy two tickets (one for each of the two lifts, at NOK 50 each per 2013). At the top of the first ski-lift descent a little to the base of the second ski-lift and then follow this up to approximately 980 metres. From here descend a few metres into the flat valley. Continue directly north, aiming a little left of the pass between Kragefjellet and Sølvberget. Find your best way up to Sølvberget, aiming a little right (east) of the summit in order to reach the summit ridge where the ascent is less steep. Once on the summit ridge turn left and continue to the summit cairn.

Descend by reversing your ascent route down to the top of the ski-lift, and from here follow the piste down to the base of the upper ski-lift. Turn right here, and follow the piste back down to the car park.



25. March 2013

The grand plan for this gorgeous Monday in the Easter week was for Sigurd and me to ski Sølvberget, Kragefjellet and Gryta. And since we had a fair bit of skiing ahead of us we decided to let the ski-lifts bring us up as high as possible. As I released myself from the ski-lift at the top of the upper ski-lift, and swung the T-bar out of the way, the T-bar hit something and the upper ski-lift came to a halt. When I looked back down to the ski-lift 30 minutes later it was still not running, and it was probably out of function for 40 minutes.

After having ascended Sølvberget and experienced hard snow in the steep section below the summit, we decided to come back and do Kragefjellet some other day; it simply didn't look tempting with potentially icy slopes without crampons.

We descended a little east of where we had reached the summit ridge, and hence avoided steep hard snow, and made it down the partly wind packed slopes to the top if the piste. From here it was easy and enjoyable skiing all the way back to the car.

Photos 25.03.2013