Sollia, Hestefjellet, Selsteinen and Storehanen from Moltudalen
Sollia  Hestefjellet  Selsteinen  Storehanen


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Most of the route is done on path. The exceptions are the mountain road at the beginning of the hike, and a couple of places where the path is very vague, but then well marked by small wooden poles with red paint.
Drinking water There are a couple of places below Sollia where you'll find running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route, except the section from before lake Mørkevatnet to high up on Sollia (May 2011).
Parking Room for many cars at trail head.
Start height 220 metres
Vertical metres 675 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 11.3 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Parking and start of route towards Sollia, in Moltudalen.
  Approximate route from lake Mørkevatnet and up to Litledalen.
  Part of the route from Litledalen towards Sollia.


Assume your starting point is the Ålesund area. Drive road 61 to Sulesund and take the ferry across to Hareid. From the ferry port at Hareid drive 10.7 km to the round about south of Ulsteinvik. Start measuring from this round about. Bear left in this round about, continuing on road 61 towards Måløy. At 5.4 km from the round about turn right, again signed for Måløy and road 61. At km 8.3 make sure you continue straight ahead on road 654 as opposed to turning left towards Måløy on road 61. At km 16.4 turn left in the T-junction, following signs for Moltustranda. Then turn left at km 22.1, immediately after a grocery store. Drive up this road, making sure you fork right at km 23.1, all the way to the car park at km 24.5. Park here.

Start walking by continuing on the gravel road, and continue on the left (east) side of the lake on a slightly wet path. This path climbs up at the south side of the lake, into Litledalen. Gradually turn left (east) and follow the path up towards the north-west ridge of Sollia. Continue to the summit, which is marked by a cairn. There is also a registration book here.

From Sollia continue east and north on a vague path, which is well marked by red paint. This path takes you around lake Kjerringvatnet and continues north-west up to Hestefjellet summit, which is marked by a proper cairn. From the cairn turn left and follow the north edge of Hestefjellet. The path is vague, but still marked with red paint, so finding the point where the path runs down the north slopes is relatively easy. Head down the steep slope and then across the flat stretch before heading up the south slopes of Selsteinen. The summit is marked by a cairn.

From Selsteinen follow the path north, down to and across the wide and slightly boggy area south of Storehanen. The path runs on the right (east) side of Storehanen, and at some point you need to leave the main path and head up to the summit. There are a number of vague paths up here, including one along the summit edge. The summit of Storehanen is not marked in any way, and a number of tiny humps could be the highest point. From the summit area follow the path that runs along the edge down in a south/south-west direction, back down to the gravel road. From here turn right and walk back to the car.



18. May 2011

This Wednesday I was again attending a training course in Ulsteinvik, and naturally I had packed hiking gear.

My initial plan was to hike Sollia and Selsteinen as a round trip, and since the weather was still acceptable when my training course finished I decided to stick to my plan. And thanks to first class driving instructions found on Westcoastpeaks I didn't have to waste any time finding my way to the trail head in Moltudalen.

After a quick change of clothes inside my car at trail head I started my hike, and at the same time it started to rain lightly. The raining gradually increased, and by the time I got to Sollia it was raining quite heavily, and up here the wind was of considerable strength. And looking across to the next section of my route, which was a fair distance, and with the danger of being caught in thick fog, I seriously considered returning via my ascent route. What convinced me to continue, in addition to stubborness, was the fact that the route seemed to be well marked with wooden poles painted red.

As I started my ascent up to Hestefjellet serious fog drifted in from the sea, and I had to rely on the wooden poles because the path was very vague in places. This fog lifted as I was descending Hestefjellet.

Next was Selsteinen, and by now the raining had reduced seriously. This inspired me to also include Storehanen, and I thought I'd better do it now since I wasn't likely to come back here in the near future.

While descending from Storehanen I started to think about ferry times, and decided to check the time table as soon as I got back to the car, before changing into dry clothes. It turned out the 19:30 ferry was the last one before the one hour intervals started, and I concluded that this ferry was on if I skipped changing clothes, and avoided getting stuck behind tractors. Hence I went for it, and was very happy when I boarded the ferry as the last car, a few seconds after 19:30.

On board the ferry I went straight to the toilette and changed into dry clothes, and then bought a Coke in the cafeteria.
Photos 18.05.2011