Sommet de Cremon from Lac de Castillon
Sommet de Cremon


Estimated net time 4-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
The whole route runs on path and forest road
Drinking water No stable access to running water.
GSM coverage No coverage along the west base of the mountain, but else OK (October 2011).
Parking Room for one or two cars at trail head, but make sure you don't block for other traffic.
Start height 912 metres
Vertical metres 950 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 13.2 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Start of path to Sommet de Cremon.
  Start of second path to Sommet de Cremon.
  Start of path to Sommet de Cremon north ridge.


From the round about by the market square in the town Castellane, approximately 65 km west/north-west of Nice as the crow flies, drive 7.7 km in the direction of Digne. Turn right where signed for "Demandolx" and drive another 250 metres to where a gravel road goes off to the left. Find parking at the start of the gravel road.

Start walking by following this gravel road a little less than 100 metres, to where the road is blocked by a metal chain. Turn right onto a path signed by yellow paint. Follow this path 1.2 km until it meets a forest road. Turn right and then leave the forest road after 70 metres, where signed for "Sommet de Cremon". Follow this path another 1.2 km to a 4-way path junction. Continue on the one heading straight ahead, which after 10-20 metres turns into a gravel road. Follow this road a little more than 800 metres and fork right onto a path. This path soon has white and green marking (as opposed to the yellow), since the yellow and green/white paths merge. Stay on this path approximately 750 metres and turn right onto a path marked with yellow. Stay on this path as it takes you south/south-east to the summit. When you get a little above 1600 metres you can choose between staying on the ridge or following a path a little down in the left side. It is recommended to follow the ridge. If you stay on the ridge you will be taken across a number of small tops, before you eventually get to the summit, which is marked by a sign (wrongly saying the summit is 1780 metres) and two cairns.

Return by reversing your ascent route.



07. October 2011

Elisabeth and I left home around 05:30 this Friday morning and flew to Oslo, before taking the morning flight to Nice. Here we spent a least an hour getting our rental car, and then drove north and west to Castellane. Here we found ourselves a hotel, got some late lunch and bought maps. Elisabeth didn't feel for a hike so I decided to go solo. The initial plan had been to hike the prominent Sommet de la Bernarde, but because we arrived Castellane relatively late I decided to settle for Sommet de Cremon in order to make sure I was back down before it got dark.

While driving north from Nice the temperatures had been as high as 29C, but by the time I started my hike at 900 metres the temperature was only 16C. But with a shining sun it was heaven compared to the last couple of weeks we had experienced on the Norwegian north-east coast. But as I got above 1300 metres it was starting to get chilly and windy, and I had to put on both a jacket and a hat. Luckily the summit wasn't much more windy so taking photos and enjoying the views was quite acceptable. After a quick chat with Elisabeth I started my descent, and back at the car I drove straight to the super market to get some refreshments.
Photos 07.10.2011