Stavsetfjellet from south-east


Estimated net time 1 hour
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No access to drinking water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (April 2009).
Parking There is room for maximum one car at trail head.
Start height 26 metres
Vertical metres 200 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 3.4 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  Trail head for hike to Stavsetfjellet, and possible parking.
  Turn left at the junction at 120 metres.
   Exit the forest road and head directly up to Stavsetfjellet summit.


From Ålesund drive road E39 towards east. Turn left onto road 661 at Digerneset, towards Vatne and Brattvåg. Drive 4.9 km on this road and turn left towards Vigra. Finally drive 5.6 km along this road. Turn right onto a gravel road and find parking without blocking the road (there is only room for one car). There are better parking facilities approximately 200 metres along this road, but the road is likely to be blocked by a huge log, and if it isn't you have no guarantee that it is still open when you return from your hike.

Start walking by following the gravel road 250 metres towards east. Then turn left (north) and follow the road uphill for 60 metres. The road now turns right (east), and then through a long left curve. Then right up a short and steep hill, a flatter section, before it turns left again. You have now reached a fork, and should follow the left leg in a western direction. This road soon turns right (north) into a small down-hill, then climbs up a small hill, and then does a left. From here you follow the road towards west for 600 metres. You will now see the summit up to your right (north), and the easiest approach is to walk directly up to the summit.

Your descent is best done by following the ascent route.



19. April 2009

While I was out hiking Heimste and Fremste Synnalandsheia this Sunday afternoon I made up my mind to hike Stavsetfjellet immediately after I got home. I therefore grabbed a sandwich, drank some water, and put on some dry clothes before driving towards Ellingsøy.

I followed the same forest road as Njål and me had used the previous day, but this time I forked left at 120 metres, and followed this road along the ridge. When I thought I was below the summit I continued north-west, but after getting onto the ridge I realised I had reached point 203. But that wasn't a big problem since I knew the summit was a little towards east along the ridge. So I followed the path along the ridge, and soon found myself at Stavsetfjellet summit. An easy hike mainly on forest road. After a couple of photos in the foggy conditions I more or less ran all the way back to the car, assuming that I would never visit this mountain again!

Photos 19.04.2009


18. April 2009

Njål and me were "home alone" this Saturday, so I decided we should do a hike together. I tried to find a short hike to a mountain I hadn't been to, and I soon decided Stavsetfjellet would be a good candidate. I packed a small rucksack, and after a quick stop at the supermarket for some sausages we were on our way.

I had only had a quick glance at Arnt's route description, and assumed finding my way would be easy. And so it seemed; we followed the forest road uphill to the fork at 120 metres. Here we could see the ridge, and after some messing about we found a good route up to the ridge. Then proceeding along the ridge to the highest point we could see. Here we stopped for a while, took some photos, and enjoyed some hot dogs and cold water. Another mountain bagged, I thought ...

It was big disappointments when I got home and loaded the GPS-tracks onto my PC and found that we had been to a local high-point 670 metres east of the summit. Bugger!

Photos 18.04.2009