Stedjåsen from Stedje


Estimated net time 1½-2 hours
Difficulty No difficulties. The route runs on fine path expect the last 250 metres to the summit.
Drinking water No stable access to running water.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (July 2012).
Parking Room for many cars at the car park at trail head, by Stedje church.
Start height 30 metres
Vertical metres 600 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 5.9 km
GPS-file X (ascent only)


Route photo

  Stedjåsen trail head by Stedje church.


From the round about where roads 5 and 55 intersect west of Sogndal centre drive south on road 55, signed for "Hella". 500 metres from the round about turn right where signed for "Stedje", and follow this road 350 metres and turn right onto the church car park. Park here.

Start your hike by heading back out to the road, cross it, and continue uphill. You're now on a road called "Rødstokken", and you'll find a sign for "Stedjeåsen". Continue uphill, passing house #13 on the right hand side, and then follow the path as it turns left and towards a wooden stile. Follow the path on the other side of the stile. This path, which is marked with red paint and has a number of signs for "Stedjeåsen", will take you up to the registration point in the summit area. To get to the summit continue straight ahead, on the left hand side of the marsh, and climb the unmarked summit.

Descend by continuing around the summit area marsh, back to where the registration book is located, and from here reverse your ascent route.



21. July 2012

We were due to drive from Fjellsetra towards Haranger, with the intention to stay overnight at Flåm, this Saturday. I set off from Fjellsetra a couple of hours before the others, with the intention of hiking something on my way. And I knew this was likely to be something low because of clouds down below 1000 metres, and I had done a minimum of preparations on Stedjåsen.

Arriving Sogndal around 11:30 I first missed the exit towards Stedje, but soon realised my mistake and was able to get a good view of the lower part of the route from where I turned around. From here it was easy to locate the trail head, guided by the book Opptur Sogn og Fjordane, and I soon realised that navigating to Stedjåsen would be pretty straight forward.

However, the marked route only took me up to the registration point at around 615 metres, at the flat summit area, and didn't give any indications on which of the several small forest clad bumps would be the highest point. After a missed call to my friend Arnt, who I knew had been to Stedjåsen several times, I decided to check them all in order to make sure I found the true summit. My first "bump" was the small top next to the registration point, which I concluded was definitely a candidate. Then I followed the path marked "Utsikt" (view point), which passed a bump approximately the same height. When I got back to the registration point a couple had arrived this point, but they didn't know this mountain and couldn't point me to the summit. However, they had been around the marsh area and had concluded that the bump on the the other side of the marsh was the summit. Hence I made the walk around the marsh, and after having checked the maps later at night I got confirmation that the point south-west of the marsh was indeed the summit.

I had yet another chat with this couple after I had completed my lap around the marsh, as they had settled for their lunch, and then I took on the descent arriving the church car park a few minutes before the rest of the family. After I had changed into dry clothes we drove to Mannheller for the ferry across Sognefjorden and the drive to Flåm.
Photos 21.07.2012