Stokknoken & Storfjellet from Blakkstad
Stokknoken  Storfjellet


Estimated net time 5-7 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but the soft grassy slopes are fairly strenuous to ascend.
Drinking water Running water from the stream into the valley, and a small stream a little above half-way up to Storfjellet.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (October 2014).
Parking Room for many cars along road E39, outside the road's shoulder.
Start height 70 metres
Vertical metres 1410 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 13.8 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Stokknoken trail head by Blakkstad.
  Route from end of forest road in Blakstaddalen to pass at 410m.
  Route towards Stokknoken up Høgheia from pass at 410m.
  Upper part of route to Stokknoken from Høgheia.
  Route up Storfjellet from north-east.


Start measuring from the round about east of Molde centre where roads E39 and 662 intersect (this is approximately 0.8 km along E39 from the ferry port). Drive E39 east in the direction of Trondheim:

- At 18.6 km turn left and continue on road E39 towards Trondheim.

- At 34.8 km you cross the bridge crossing the river in Batnfjordsøra.

- At 38.5 km park on the wide shoulder (grass) on the right hand side of road E39.

Start your walk by crossing the road and continue along the road in the direction towards Trondheim (north). Walk up to the gravel road above the main road and follow this road down to below the E39 bridge. Turn left and continue on the gravel road into the valley. Fork right after 1.5 km, a few tens of metres after having crossed a bridge. Continue another 300 metres, passing two cabins, and leave the road towards right immediately after a left curve. Continue off-path uphill and aim for the small pass up at 390m. You're likely to join an ATV track half-way up to the pass, which can be followed up to the cabin at the pass.

From the pass at 390m continue a little north across the flat section, turn right where you see a registration point (post box), and head uphill on a very vague path. Continue uphill in an eastern direction up to 550m, mostly with no path. When you get to a small hunting cabin start turning a little left and head directly towards Stokknoken summit. Traverse around the small top Høgheiskarven (690m) and cross the pass at its highest point a little north-east of Høgheiskarven. From here bear a little left and then walk up the steep south slopes of Stokknoken, where you'll find a large cairn.

From Stokknoken head back down to the pass at 390m and continue south-west across the small plateau. Descend down to the pass between Stokknoken and Storfjellet where you find the best route, but be aware that this section consists of large boulder covered by moss and spiced by nasty juniper. An alternative route down is where you ascended via the ATV track and then turn right towards the highest point of the pass between the two mountains. From the pass head uphill a little right of the small top at 400m and then continue south-west towards Skarven at 752m. Either walk across Skarven and descend almost 50m on the other side, or skirt around Skarven on the right hand side. Head up the final hill to Storfjellet and then the final 250 metres across to the summit, which is marked by a standing stone and a registration point.

Descend by heading back down to the pass between Storfjellet and Stokknoken, turn right, and walk back down the valley, partly on path, and then follow the forest road back to road E39 and your car.



25. October 2014

With a forecasted window of better weather for this Saturday I had planned to hike some new mountains, and when mentioning Stokknoken and Storfjellet to Kjetil he was keen on joining. This was a fairly long and strenuous hike, given that most of the route was off-path with soft heather and grass. But with reasonably good weather (dry and a little windy) it was as easy as it gets.

At Storfjellet I celebrated a short second for myself, this being my 100th new Møre and Romsdal mountain with primary factor >100m this year, and hence satisfying the target I set myself quite exactly one year earlier.

Photos 25.10.2014