Storgrovfjellet from Stigrøra (ski)


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty There is a slightly steep section around 1250m, with potential avalanche danger. Be also aware of the cornice towards right as you ascend (north-east) along the summit ridge.
Drinking water You're likely to find running water in the lower part of the route during spring.
GSM coverage Coverage around the summit and at trail head, else very poor (May 2014).
Parking Room for several cars at Trollstigen visitor centre's car park.
Start height 696 metres
Vertical metres 975 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 8.9 km
GPS-file X (lower part of ascent is missing)


Route photo

  Storgrovfjellet trail head at Trollstigen tourist centre.
  Lower part of route to Storgrovfjellet.
  Route up Storgrovfjellet's south slopes.


NOTE: This route is only available after the road to Trollstigen opens in late spring or early summer. The date the road opens varies, according to amount of snow in the mountains and the avalanche danger, normally well into May.

From the village Valldal on road 63, north of Storfjorden, drive road 63 in the direction of Åndalsnes (north).

- At 15.1 km you pass the gorge Gudbrandsjuvet.

- At 32.4 km you pass the highest point of the road, Alnesreset.

- At 34.9 km park on the large car park by Trollstigen visitor centre, on the right hand side of the road.

Start your hike by crossing the foot bridge between the visitor centre's buildings. You're likely to have to carry your skis in this area, as well as some distance into the valley. Follow the concrete path towards the view points, and turn right and go uphill to the marked foot path approximately 300 metres from the small bridge. Follow the path, marked by small cairns with red paint, directly east. Start skiing when you get to the snow, which will vary according to time of year. For spring skiing (after the road across Trollstigen has opened) you're likely to be able to start skiing from around 750m (1 km from the visitor centre), with some no-snow patches after this.

After having ascended the slightly steeper section between 800m and 900m turn a little left and ski north-east towards Storgrovfjellet's south slopes. From 1050m either head directly north and aim for a more narrow passage between two cliff bands, or continue a little longer north-east before heading up the wider south slopes. Note that the latter is more avalanche prone, but gives more opportunities in terms of zigzagging uphill. When you get higher up aim for the south-east end of the summit ridge, at 1550m, and from here turn left (north-west) and continue along the ridge (staying well clear of the cornices) to the small summit cairn.

Descend by reversing your ascent route, or for likelihood of better snow, stay further left (east) and ski down the wide south slopes down to 1100m. From here turn right and follow your ascent route back down to the visitor centre.



18. May 2014

Excellent spring skiing together with Elisabeth and Kjetil. The weather this Sunday was quite nice but it was very windy, and snow conditions were very good. We had to carry the skis up to 740m, which was most acceptable.

When starting the ascent up the steeper south slopes of Storgrovfjellet we saw another skier above us, and because of some avalanche danger we decided to follow the same route as him, which also meant we could take advantage of his tracks. There was a short sections that was very steep, but on relatively firm snow there were no issues. From the summit we saw many skiers on their way to Breitinden.

We descended down the wide south slopes, setting of many surface avalanches, but they had no weight (I tested it) so there were no reasons for concern. The whole descent was very enjoyable, and it was really sad to take the skis off and start the 1.1 km back to the car.

Photos 18.05.2014