Storhornet and Lesten from Gjuv, around Alnesvatnet CCW
Lesten  Storhornet 


Estimated net time 2-2½ hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Access to running water from the stream that drains from lake Alnesvatnet towards north.
GSM coverage Unknown.
Parking Room for several cars at trail head.
Start height 42 metres
Vertical metres 640 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 8.6 km
GPS-file X
Route photo


Drive road 658 towards Vigra. After having surfaced at Valderøya (getting out of the tunnel), drive 300 metres and turn left. Then straight through the round about towards "Giske" and across the bridge. After the bridge you go straight through the next round about, towards "Godøya", and down into the next sub-sea tunnel. After the tunnel follow signs for "Gjuv", and continue for 3.9 km. Here you turn right and drive 350 metres up-hill until you get to a small car park on your left. Park here.

Start walking by crossing the road and head straight up (north) a small road leading to a couple of houses. Where this road turns left you continue straight ahead onto a path. Follow the zigzags of this path all the way up to the saddle south-west of Storhornet. From here you follow the ridge leading up to the summit.

From the Storhornet summit, where there is a big cairn, continue north/north-east until you get to a small cairn. Stay left of this cairn and follow the path that will take you down towards lake Alnesvatnet. Follow the path along the lake Alnesvatnet shore, and aim for a cabin located just under 1 km from where you cross the river draining from lake Alnesvatnet. From the cabin continue south-west, gradually walking closer to the western cliffs. This path will take you onto the Lesten summit, from where you can continue back down to the saddle between Lesten and Storhornet. From here you follow the path you ascended, back to the car.



30. April 2008

I was working in Ålesund this Wednesday and was going to pick up my mum at the airport at 20:00. I therefore decided to grab the chance to do a hike at one of the islands out by the airport. I got away from work a little late, and was ready to start hiking at 18:25, making me realise that I would have to push hard to be at the airport by 20:00. But I was assuming that by the time my mum had picked up her luggage it would be past 20:00.
The path up to Storhornet was nice and dry, making walking a pleasure. From the summit I headed north and then around lake Alnesvatnet, running all the way. I then continued west and south-west to Lesten, enjoying the running in easy terrain on a nice and dry path.
After a short stop at Lesten I continued down to the path that would take me back to the car. By the time I had changed into some dry clothes it was almost 20:00, but as I expected my mom hadn't received her luggage by the time I arrived at the airport.

Photos 30.04.2008