Storknubben from Sessetra


Estimated net time 4-5 hours.
Difficulty The only traces of a path is the flat section from 900 metres, and the route up to Storknubben's north-west ridge is a little wet.
The route is technically easy all the way up to the final climb to the summit, from 1040 metres. From here there's first a section of slightly unstable boulder, and from 1190 metres there's approximately 15 vertical metres of easy scrambling, with a little bit of exposure.
Drinking water The route runs a long a small stream the first few hundred metres.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (June 2013).
Parking Room for several cars at car park at Sessetra, where the road ends. The car park is within a fenced area to protect cars from cattle.
Start height 377 metres
Vertical metres 835 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 7.9 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Storknubben trail head at Sessetra.
  The route up to Storknubben's north ridge.
  Final section of route to Storknubben.


From Ålesund drive road E39 to Sjøholt and continue across Ørskogfjellet. Leave E39 onto E136 and drive 7.8 km to Tresfjord, to where the road starts to turn north (just before the exit to Øvstedal). Continue on E136, and start measuring from here:

- At 4.9 km turn right where signed for "Daugstadsetra".

- At 5.5 km fork left just before a small bridge.

- At 5.6 km turn right.

- At 5.8 km pay toll in unmanned toll booth (NOK 40 per 2013).

- At 8.6 km turn right and drive a little downhill.

- At 9.2 km park at the car park at the end of the road, inside the fenced area.

From the car park walk up past the cabins, passing most of them on the left hand side. From above the cabins find your best route through a relatively wet area, in a southern direction or a little west of south. After a little you will have an overview of the north-west ridge coming down from Storknubben. You will see a small top at the north-west end of the ridge, and should aim a little left (south-east) of this top. Find your best route up the slightly steep section and turn left when you get to the ridge. From here walk south-east where you find it most suitable (the only path you will find is a very vague one up at the flat section before the final climb to the summit), all the way to the foot of the final steep slope.

The final slope is best ascended out on the left side, where there's less boulder. Stay left up to a little before the summit, and then turn a little right towards a small cut with a ledge climbing up towards right. This section will require some use of hands, and if there's still snow an ice axe will be handy. Find your best route up the scrambling section and then turn left and walk the short distance across to the summit cairn.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



15. June 2013

With relatively fine weather this Saturday I decided to throw in a hike outside my immediate neighbourhood, and after a little bit back-and-forth between various options I landed on Storknubben.

I knew Storknubben was an easy hike all the way up to a few tens of metres below the summit, from where it got much steeper. And when driving down from Ørskogfjellet and looking across to Storknubben I thought it looked quite steep indeed. But I was determined to have a go, and just hoped that snow wouldn't make things more difficult than what I could handle.

Finding a good route up to Storknubben's north shoulder was straight forward, and then it was an easy walk towards the steep section. This proved to push my current tolerance for steep terrain since it was a couple of patches of ice and snow a little below the summit. But thanks to the ice axe I had brought I just managed to get past the critical point, and then an easy scramble up to the summit.

From the summit I had an excellent view of Svartevasstinden, and my close-up photos of the upper section came in handy when this difficult mountain was climbed four days later.

Descending past the snow and ice below Storknubben was again pushing my tolerance for steep terrain, but again the ice axe made me get past the icy section without too much hesitation.

Photos 15.06.2013