Storskjerdingen and Tverrfjellet from Botnavatnet
Storskjerdingen  Tverrfjellet


Estimated net time 2½-3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Access to running water from the stream close to the path through the forest.
GSM coverage Coverage at the summits and most of the route (January 2009).
Parking Room for a few cars around trail head.
Start height 170 metres
Vertical metres 620 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 6.4 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  Trail head by lake Botnavatnet. Note the big stone with graffiti.
  Forest road section of route to Storskjerdingen-Tverrfjellet saddle.


From Ålesund drive road E39 east, and then onto road 661 towards Vatne and Brattvåg. When you get to the intersection of roads 659 and 661 by Eidet (Tennfjord) turn right towards Vatne, and continue from Vatne towards Fiksdal. 11.1 km after leaving Eidet you get to the Haram-Vestnes municipality border by Reset, and the road continues downhill into Nakkedalen. 3.5 km after the highest point of the road (14.4 km from Eidet) you find a forest road on your left, a few hundred metres after you have passed the cabins at Ellingsætersætra. Either park along the road or, if conditions allow it, drive 120 metres along the forest road and find parking where the forest road forks.

Start walking by following the forest road to where it forks after 120 metres, and then follow the road going left (west). When the forest road ends you will find a path continuing up to the saddle between Storskjerdingen and Tverrfjellet. From this saddle continue south-west, on the right hand side of the wet area below the saddle. From the saddle turn left and continue to the Storskjerdingen summit.

From Storskjerdingen follow your ascent route back to the saddle, and continue north onto the south ridge of Tverrfjellet. The path along the ridge will bring you all the way to the summit. When descending follow the path back down to the saddle, and from the saddle follow your ascent route back down to the car.



25. January 2009

After having been to the east side of the Nakkedalen valley the day before (Oterfjellet and Melen), and found the conditions for walking favourable, I decided to bag two of the mountains on the west side of the valley this Sunday. I parked by the Nakkedalen road since the forest road was very icy, and walked the few hundred metres of this forest road. The path through the forest was mostly covered by snow, but it was pretty obvious where the path was running, and besides there where foot steps in the snow from previous hikers (probably from the previous week-end).

It was a nice and sunny day, and the hike above the saddle between Storskjerdingen and Tverrfjellet was most enjoyable. The snow was a bit icy in a few places, but not in the steeper sections so there was no need to dig out the crampons today.

I had considered continuing to Grøtfjellet from Tverrfjellet, but I decided to leave this top for later, and rather prioritise to get back to Brattvåg for my son's handball match at 13:00.

Photos 25.01.2009