Storskorka clock-wise from Øvstedalen


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty Both ascent from the valley and descent back down to Dalsvatnet is steep, but never technically difficult. However, it is a little cumbersome, with 100 vertical metres of bush during ascent, and some partly covered boulder during both ascent and descent.
Drinking water Several sources of running water through the forest and into the valley.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (September 2012).
Parking Room for several cars by trail head.
Start height 73 metres
Vertical metres 840 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 7.4 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Start of route to Storskorka.
  Ascent route to Storskorka.
  Descent route from Storskorka.


From Ålesund drive road E39 (and E136) east to where E136 turns right in the direction of Åndalsnes, just south of Vestnes. Follow E136 7.9 km and turn right where signed for "Øvstedalen". Drive 5.3 km into the valley and turn right onto a gravel road going downhill, just after a farm. Drive this road approximately 500 metres and turn left across a small bridge, and then continue straight ahead up into an old gravel excavation site. Park wherever you find it suitable.

Start your walk by heading back to where the road enters the gravel site and turn left onto a rough forest road. Follow this forest road 200 metres and fork right in the forest road junction, and then fork left onto a path marked with red paint 35 metres later. Follow this path up to above the forest at 380 metres, and climb the stile across the fence. You will find a registration book at the other side of the fence, as well as a small cabin on the left side of the path. Follow the red marked path, which can be a little boggy at the beginning, into the valley.

Approximately 950 metres from the fence you should leave the path and head uphill towards left (east). Before you start your ascent you should take note of a small cliff band at approximately 550 metres, out on the ridge on the left side. The 100 vertical metres ahead of you is very cumbersome because of dense birch and boulder partly covered by moss, but if you aim for the section of boulder without birch you will at least partly avoid one of the obstacles. When you reach the level of the mentioned cliff band turn left and gain the ridge just above the cliff band, and from here continue uphill where you see fit. You're likely to have to use your hands a few places, but there are no difficulties. And staying out on the left side is definitely easier than fighting the bush further to the right. When you get to approximately 790 metres you're likely to find a trail, which will take you up to a large cliff band at 830 metres. At this point the trail continues on the left (north) side of the cliff band but you should turn right and climb the cliff band on its right (south) side. This will take you directly to the summit, which is not marked in any way. However, there is a cairn approximately 10 metres north-east of the summit.

Descend by following the vague path south towards Litleskorka, and turn a little right when the path starts to traverse the west slopes above lake Dalsvatnet. If you aim for the grassy slopes between the two sections of boulder you will avoid bush, but the best option is probably to continue another few tens of metres south and aim for the gravel ditch coming up a little south of the lake.

Down at the south end of lake Dalsvatnet turn right and follow the path north and then back down through your ascent route.



03. September 2012

At last a nice day, and with no evening commitments on Monday nights I decided to leave work a little early and drive to Tresfjorden. My plan was to hike Storskorka via the normal route from the south end of lake Dalsvatnet, but when I got into the valley I could see that if I could cope with 100 or so vertical metres then I would get a fine ridge walk up the west ridge. After some negotiations with myself I ended up attempting the west ridge, and this proved to be a good choice. But any hiker following this route need to be mentally prepared for boulder partially covered in moss, and a fair bit of bush, but once on the ridge it's easy hiking with some very easy scrambling, and fine views.

At the summit I enjoyed the fine views to the surrounding mountains, which are very close almost all the way around, and had some water and nut-mix. Then an easy walk along the grass clad shoulder towards Litleskorka, before a slightly cumbersome descent down the semi-covered boulder slopes to the south end of lake Dalsvatnet. Once down here I realised I should probably have continued a little further south before descending, which would have allowed me to follow a ditch of gravel and stones not covered by fern and grass.

The path along the lake offers easy walking, and I was truly enjoying the day out as I made it back to my car in Øvstedalen.

Photos 03.09.2012