Stryteberget from Beitostølen (ski)


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No access to drinking water during winter, but during week-ends and holidays one of the small cabins on the north side of lake Olevatnet is likely to be open to visitors, selling food and drinks.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (February 2010).
Parking Plenty of possibilities for parking around the trail head.
Start height 850 metres
Vertical metres 640 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 20.2 km
GPS-file X


Route photo



From road E16 at Fagernes drive north on road 51 a little less than 40 km. Find the "Kiwi" store (per 2010) on the right hand side of road 51, just before you entre Beitostølen centre. Park at the store's car park or somewhere close.

The road going right (east) immediately before the store is called "Øvrevegen", and on its right hand side you will find ski tracks heading uphill. Follow these ski tracks up to a T-junction at 940 metres. Turn right here and follow these tracks east and then north. 1.9 km after the T-junction you get to another T-junction, and again turn right. Continue north-east and north, past the small lake Melbystjernet, and then down to lake Olevatnet. You will pass Olevatnet on its east side, and then continue north and north-west on the north side of the lake. You will soon get to a number of cabins, of which one might be open for visitors and offering food and drinks for sale.

After the cabins ski uphill in a north-west direction for approximately 1.3 km. When you get up to the pass you will get to a trail junction at "Oleskardet". Turn right here. Note that this track is less likely to have machine made tracks, but there are wooden sticks that can be followed. From this junction continue climbing and ski another 2.0 km. You now have the summit to your right (east). There are definitely no machine made tracks the last 850 metres to the summit, but the terrain is relatively flat and using cross-country skis should be sufficient to take you all the way to the summit. The summit is marked by a cairn.

There are many possibilities for your descent route, of which following the ascent route is one of the options, and the one assumed in this route description.



22. February 2010

This Monday was the first full day of our winter holiday, this year being spent with my parents-in-law and the family of my sister-in-law at Beitostølen. Since it was a cold and partly grey day I decided to settle for one of the lower tops in the area, Stryteberget, which also gave me the benefit of being able to ski directly from the cabin we had rented.

From the cabin I skied down to road 51, by the "Kiwi" store, only some 350 metres, and from there on I was on the very good tracks going up to the mountain plateau. Because of the cold weather the glide was poor, but on the other hand it didn't require a Ph.D. in waxing to get a proper grip. Once up on the hilly plateau I enjoyed fine skiing across to lake Olevatnet, and then the relatively steep climb up to the pass on the north side of the lake. I was pleased to see that there were proper tracks also heading east towards Stryteberget, and didn't have to leave the tracks before I was some 800 metres west of the summit. Skiing off-track with cross-country skis isn't my favourite pastime, but the terrain was relatively flat, and most of the distance could be done without sinking deep into powder.

My summit stop didn't last very long, since it was cold and the views were limited by clouds. But I did manage to consume my sandwich and drink some water, in addition to taking some photos. I then descended back to the tracks, and reversed my ascent route all the way back to the cabin.
Photos 22.02.2010