Styggemann from Lille Lauarvannet


Estimated net time 2½-3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but the path is likely to be wet and boggy (in particular just below the summit).
Drinking water Several sources of running water, but the quality is unknown.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (June 2012).
Parking Room for many cars at trail head.
Start height 340 metres
Vertical metres 560 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 8.6 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Styggemann trail head by lake Lille Lauarvannet.
  Route towards Styggemann past Rønnseter.


From Kongsberg drive south on road E134, approximately 5.8 km from where E134 crosses the river in Kongsberg centre. Turn left where signed for "Heistadmoen" and "Hedenstad". Drive 12.6 km and turn right onto the road called "Lauarveien". Start measuring from here:

- At 0.6 km turn right and pay toll (NOK 30 per 2012)

- At 1.1 km fork left

- At 1.8 km fork right

- At 2.5 km park at the large car park

From the car park follow the forest road south-west along the lake and fork left after 250 metres. Continue another 400 metres, pass a cabin on its right hand side, and then keep right after another 100 metres. This path will tak you to a small bridge (two long logs), which crosses a stream. From this bridge continue on the path through the forest, and make sure you fork left after approximately 280 metres. 350 metres later you meet a forest road. Turn right and follow the road to the old buildings at Rønnseter. From the first buildings turn left down into the small valley (don't continue straight ahead on the forest road), and turn right towards the houses at the far end. Just behind the last house you will find a forest road which you follow 350 metres. Turn left onto the path signed for "Styggemann" and "Sigvartstigen", and follow this path 2.3 km to the summit, which is marked by a large cairn, and also holds a small stone building.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



28. June 2012

I had landed at Oslo airport a little after lunch, after an all-night flight from Mumbai via Frankfurt, and had then driven to Vestfossen in order to hike Sirikjerke. After the hike I drove west on road E134 in order to make it to Gaustablikk, my destination for the week-end. As I was cruising along road E134 I noticed a nice mountain range to the south, and got the suspicion that this might be the Skrimfjella range. I therefore decided to have a go at the highest point, Styggemann, and turned south on something that seemed to be the general direction towards this mountain. But when I got close I had no idea which of the many gravel roads to choose, so stopped by a house and asked for advice. I was greeted by a friendly man, who was happy to give me driving directions. He also warned me that this hike is very steep.

At trail head I followed a wide path in the direction I had been given, but soon I found myself at a path junction, and it later turned out I had chosen the wrong way. I turned back and tried one of the other routes, which luckily made me overtake an older couple. They gave me advice on where to walk, which helped, but yet again I was faced with a path junction and made the wrong turn. This time I ended up doing a loooong de-tour before coming back to the mentioned junction, and finally hitting the correct route. The couple had repeated the warning I received from my first guide, that the path to Styggemann is very steep, but when climbing this path I never found the steep section and concluded that the word "steep" has a different meaning for someone living in south-east Norway than for us who live on the west coast. Fair enough, and nothing more than an observation.

At the summit I had a reasonable view of the main target for the week-end's hiking; Gaustatoppen, and in general the views were as fine as they get in this part of the country. But I didn't want to dwell too long at the summit, since I didn't know how far I would have to drive tonight in order to find accommodation, and I was definitely starting to get tired after a couple of weeks of travelling.

Back at the car the Coke I had bought before my hike tasted very nice, and I was almost looking forward to the drive along E134. This changed after an hour or so, when I had had a couple of unsuccessful attempts at getting a room for the night, and had started to toy with the less comfortable idea of spending the night in the car, but eventually I found an old camp site in Hjartdal, where I got a cabin for 300 NOK (discounted since I arrived late).
Photos 28.06.2012