Sulafjellet from Mauseid (ski)


Estimated net time 2½-3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but some care should be shown with respect to the cornices towards north at the summit plateau.
Drinking water No access to drinking water during winter.
GSM coverage Unknown.
Parking Room for many cars at the parking place at trail head.
Start height 52 metres
Vertical metres 730 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 11.9 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  


From Ålesund drive road E39 towards Bergen. When road E39 exits left at Solavågseidet continue on road 61 towards Hareid. From this junction drive 3.0 km to Mauseid. You will see a sign for "Eikrem" to the right; exit here and find parking at the parking place immediately after exiting from road 61.

Start skiing by heading up the forest road, amongst a number of houses. Turn left (west) at the first junction and continue directly west. There are a number of other forest roads forking left and right as you move upwards, so make sure you follow the road signed for "Rollonhytta" (this cabin might be open, serving drinks and light food).

From Rollonhytta aim for the highest point of the Sulafjellet skyline. It is probable that you can follow someone else's tracks.

At the summit plateau you should show some care, and not move too far north on the cornices.

For the descent find the best route down, just making sure that your general direction goes towards Rollonhytta or slightly to the right of the cabin.



26. March 2008

I knew I would be working at our Ålesund offices this Wednesday, so the day before Arnt and me agreed to do Sulafjellet by ski straight from work. We agreed to meet at the trail head at 16:00, so I left the office at 15:35 and drove to Mauseid. The car park at Mauseid was quite busy by the time I got there but I managed to find a spot to park.

At 16:10 we were both set for skiing at Mauseid, and headed upwards towards Rollonhytta at decent pace. It was a bright and sunny afternoon so there was no need for a lot of clothes when ascending up through the forest. As we got past Rollonhytta we started to realise that it was probably going to be fairly windy at the summit, but with blue sky and perfect snow the wind was not something we focused on.

There were a number of other skiers either ascending or descending Sulafjellet as we made our way to the top, and at the top there was a group of DNV guys who had also understood that this afternoon was better used for skiing than a long day in the office.

During the descent we stopped four times in order to take some photos of the other in motion. Then back down to the cars, passing Rollonhytta 100 metres on its south (right). The forest road from Rollonhytta and down to the cars was like a narrow down hill slope and excellent for enjoyable skiing.

Photos 26.03.2008