Talstadhesten from Hauglia
Talstadhesten  Høgheitinden


Estimated net time 4-4½ hours
Difficulty No difficulties, the whole route is done on path. The last few tens of metres up to Høgheitinden is a little steep.
Drinking water The only reliable source of running water is from the stream above Haukåssetra.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (November 2011).
Parking Room for many cars at trail head. Note that there is a "no parking" sign here, but this seems to be ignored by all.
Start height 140 metres
Vertical metres 1000 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 9.7 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Talstadhesten trail head by Hauglia.
  Fork left by Haukåssetra and turn right after having crossed the stream.
  Overview of route between Talstadhesten and Høgheitinden.


Assuming you arrive Molde from south, on the Vestnes-Molde ferry. From the ferry port area drive right, following signs for "Trondheim". After 500 metres turn right in the round about where roads E39 and 662 intersect. From here drive as follows; at km

- 4.2 turn left onto road 64, signed "Eide", in a round about;

- 9.9 pay toll (NOK 20 per 2011);

- 15.7 fork left in the round about, following signs for "Elnesvågen";

- 19.9 turn right where signed for "Hauglia";

- 20.5 turn left where signed for "Hauglia", on the road "Mellomfaret";

- 20.7 turn right in the T-junction;

- 21.1 turn left onto the road "Øvre Kongefaret";

- 21.2 turn right onto the road "Ridderbakken";

- 21.4 park at the end of the road

From the car park follow the signed path north. In the path junction after approximately 250 metres make sure you continue straight ahead, and the walk another 450 metres up to the building at Haukåssetra. Stay on the left hand side of the building, cross a small concrete bridge, and turn right onto a path. This path will take you through the forest and all the way up to the south-west ridge of Talstadhesten. From here turn right and follow the path all the way to the summit, which is marked by a proper cairn, and holds a summit registration book.

From the summit of Talstadhesten walk 300 metres back along the route you arrived, to where you see some standing stones. Turn left here, and after a few metres you will see a proper cairn, and soon a path. Follow this path down the steep slopes. Down at the bottom of the slopes the path vanishes, but if you continue up towards the small cairn on the small top above you a vague path can be found. This path gets more defined higher up, and will take along the edge of Høgheitinden all the way to the summit. The summit is marked by a small cairn and holds a summit registration book.

From Høgheitinden follow the obvious path south-west, west and then north-west, before turning south towards Haukåssetra. From here follow the fine path back to your car.



06. November 2011

I had decided earlier in the week to hike Talstadhesten and Høgheitinden this Sunday, and when the weather forecast showed sunny sky all day my decision was firm. I was therefore very disappointed to wake up and find the conditions to be wet and foggy, but yet another check at yr.no told me it would be a sunny day. Game on.

But when I got to trail head a little after 10am the conditions were far from sunny, so it was with mixed feelings I set out from Hauglia. Navigation was easy enough since there was a well defined path all the way to Talstadhesten, but the views were limited to a few tens of metres. And because of this I decided to skip Høgheitinden since I suspected navigation to this top would rely on some visibility. But a last minute decision to have a closer look at the route down Talstadhesten's south slopes, to see if there was any traces of a path, changed the day considerably; when I found the cairn at the top of the slopes I observed a vague path, which soon turned into a well defined path. I followed this steep path down towards the saddle between Talstadhesten and Høgheitinden, and to my surprise the fog started to lift just before I got to the saddle. I managed to catch a glimpse of Høgheitinden, and more or less concluded that my initial plan of following the edge all the way to the summit would be a route far steeper than what I would like. Plan-B would then be to partly traverse the slopes onto the gentle west slopes of Høgheitinden. But something that looked like a small cairn some 40 vertical metres above the saddle made me change my mind, and up here I found a vague path. The path was soon easy to follow, and took me all the way to the summit, from where I had some fog free views towards west.

From Høgheitinden I followed the fine path back down to the car, meeting several pairs/groups of other hikers, predominantly female hikers. I assume this was caused by the football cup final going on at the same time. Anyway, following the football on the radio made my drive back home a little more interesting than the usual 2+ hours drive/ferry in foggy conditions.
Photos 06.11.2011