Totten from Hemsedal ski-centre (ski)


Estimated net time 30 minutes
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water No access to running water during winter.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (February 2012).
Parking Room for many cars at ski-centre car parks.
Start height 1440 metres (if using ski-lifts as high as possible)
Vertical metres 55 metres for the roundtrip (if using ski-lifts as high as possible).
Trip distance 5.5 km (if using ski-lifts as high as possible)
GPS-file X


(Ascent only)
Route photo



At Hemsedal ski-centre take the three lifts (E, N & O) up to 50 metres below Totten. Walk or ski to the summit, which consists of to small tops. The south-east (right) top is the higher, but it's the north-west (left) top which is marked by a trigonometric point marker, and you'll find a summit registration book a couple of metres below. But since the distance between the two tops is something like 30 metres you should visit both tops.

From the summit ski or walk back down to the top of the ski-lift, and from here follow whatever route you're comfortable with back down to the ski-centre and the car parks. If you descend by following a western route, by heading left (west/north-west) from the restaurant at 1130 metres, you will get the longest run.



21. February 2012

My plan this Tuesday was to take the ski-lift up as far as I could towards Totten, and then ski to the summit followed by Tinden and Systerskardfjellet. When we arrived at Hemsedal ski-centre there was a sign telling us that the ski-lift to Totten was closed because of strong wind, and hence I started to reconsider my plans. But by the time we got to the ticket counter they were about to open the upper lifts, so I bought a ticket for the three lifts needed to get to within short distance of Totten.

When I arrived 50 metres below the summit the wind was pretty wild, but the visibility was excellent so I had no hesitations in walking up to the summit. Skiing was not an option since it was hardly any snow. At the very summit I was hardly able to stand upright so I soon descended a few metres in order to dig out the camera. I then went back up to the summit in order to do a 360 capture, but there was no way I would be able to stand still and hold the camera still, so I went back down to my "shelter". From here I could take a few photos, but my mind was mainly on making sure my back-pack and poles didn't set off into the void.

Because of the strong wind I decided to leave Tinden and Systerskardfjellet for some other time, and instead skied back down to calmer altitude. Here I met Elisabeth, and we skied back down to the ski-centre together. From here I went to the car in order to get changed for cross country skiing back up to Huso.
Photos 21.02.2012