Trøymsfjellet from Hemsedal


Estimated net time 6-7 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Several sources of running water up to 1270 metres.
GSM coverage Coverage well into Trøimsdalen valley, and from approximately 1500 metres and up (July 2012).
Parking Room for a couple of cars around trail head. This is private land and you should ask for permission to park.
Start height 685 metres
Vertical metres 1215 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 17.1 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Trøymsfjellet trail head above Hemsedal.
  Route towards Trøymsfjellet from Trøymsbotn.


In the village of Hemsedal, on road 52, turn north (right if arriving from south) onto the road Trøimsvegen. Drive this road uphill approximately 750 metres, to below a couple of cabins and a farm. The upper part of the road is private and you should ask for permission to park. Park along the gravel road just after a wide path forks to the right.

Start your hike by following the wide path where it's signed for "Trøimsbotn" (amongst a number of destinations). After a little less than 1 km you get to a path junction, where you should turn left, following signs for "Trøimsbotn". Follow this path 3.5 km into the valley, to where the valley makes a fork. Stay right and follow the vague path along the stream another 1.4 km to the next valley fork. From here head up the hill coming down between the two streams, bear a little left of the two small tops ahead of you, and then start the steep climb up the scree clad south slopes of Trøymsfjellet. When you get above 1600 metres the terrain gets less steep and you should stay left of the small top out on the right hand side. When you get a little higher you will see a small top, which you should aim for. You will see the summit and it's large cairn a little before you reach this top, and will have to descend a little before making the final climb to the summit.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



29. July 2012

I had wanted to hike Trøymsfjellet for a couple of years, but hadn't really been aware of any good summer routes. During our hike to Kyrkjebønøse & Leinenøse last year we got good advice from a lady we met below Kyrkjebønøse. And this was the route we were determined to try this year.

As usual Håvard and me hit the road from Nesbyen a little late, but being still July there was now danger of us not having sufficient time to get down while still full day-light. At Hemsedal we drove up to the trail head, which we soon found out was on private property; a guy came down from the cabin and started chatting with us, and luckily I asked if this was private land and if it was OK if we parked here. His response was quite amusing; "now that you have asked it's OK for you to park here". So no issues, but he clearly wanted to make sure we understood this was his property.

The hike through the long valley into Trøymsbotn was slightly boring, but our spirits were high and I was definitely motivated to get to the summit of this fine top. And on a nice day like this there's no reason to complain.

I arrived the subsidiary summit a little before Håvard and soon realised I was not alone; four reindeer were standing on the snow field below the main summit. They ran off as I approached, but soon came back, and were running across my direction of hiking only a few tens of metres in front of me. A very nice sight indeed, but I was wondering what the animals are looking for in this rock-only terrain. Maybe they also wonder why I was messing around up here.

At the summit we had fine views in all directions, which included a fine view of the southern Jotunheimen 2000-metres tops. Then the long, and this time more boring, hike back down to the car.

Photos 29.07.2012