Trollhesten, Klausethornet, Blåhammaren, Digergubben CCW from Midsund
Trollhesten  Klausethornet  Blåhammaren  Digergubben


Estimated net time 4-5 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Access to drinking water from the river close to the path up to above the forest.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route, except a short stretch between Blåhammaren and Digergubben (December 2009).
Parking Room for a few cars at trail head.
Start height 38 metres
Vertical metres 1015 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 8.5 km
GPS-file X
Route photo

  Parking and trail head.
  The lower sections of the ascent and descent routes.


From Ålesund drive road E39 towards Åndalsnes. Turn left onto road 661 towards Tennfjord/Vatne/Brattvåg at Digerneset and continue 8.7 km until you get to the intersection of roads 661 and 659 at Eidet (by Tennfjord). There is a toll booth 1.6km after leaving road E39 (NOK 30, December 2009). At the Eidet intersection turn left on road 659, and follow this road to Brattvåg. In Brattvåg drive through the village centre and turn right towards the ferry port (signs for "Dryna" and "Fjørtoft"). Get the ferry across to Dryna (this ferry doesn't run very often, so it's best to check the time tables).

At Dryna turn right off the ferry and drive 14.2 km on road 668. You now get to a junction (appears as a T-junction), and turn left here, staying on road 668. From this junction drive another 1.3 km, where you find a small gravel road running up to the right, and room for a few cars just before this gravel road. Park here.

Start walking by following the gravel road up to a small building. Then onto a path that will lead you towards the wooden stairs/ladders that will take you up the steep section along the river Bakkelva, towards lake Midsundvatnet. When you get above the forest and the terrain gets flatter you should fork right onto the path that follows the ridge towards south-east and east. After approximately 200 metres the path turns right (south) and gradually fades away. Continue uphill, gradually turning a little left (south-east), and find your best route to the summit of Trollhesten.

From Trollhesten walk east along the summit plateau, and then north-east down to the saddle between Trollhesten and Klausethornet, before ascending Klausethornet from south. From Klausethornet head back down towards the saddle you just visited, but this time keep right (north-west) compared to your ascent route, following the path that will take you down towards the left (south) most of the two cabins. From the cabin continue north-west in the wide saddle between Klausethornet and Digergubben. When the ascent towards Digergubben starts you turn right and find your best route along the south-west slopes of Blåhammaren.

From the summit of Blåhammaren return to the saddle between Klausethornet and Digergubben, and then turn right when you meet the path that leads to the summit of Digergubben. Follow this path to Digergubben's summit. From the summit of Digergubben follow the path that runs south-west, back down to where you came out of the forest on your ascent. But the ascent should not be made by climbing back down the stairs/ladders; this is both prohibited and can be dangerous if the steps are wet and slippery. Instead you should follow a well defined path that runs left (south) of the stairs/ladders. This path will take you all the way back to the trail head.



12. December 2009

I had been planning to do my first Midsund mountains for a long time (at least a year), but had never come around to actually get on the ferry and do it. But during this early December week there was nice weather all week, and I decided that Saturday would be the day. Unfortunately Saturday didn't produce the same clear and crisp sky as the previous days, but the clouds and the fog below 100 metres was not going to stop me.

After having taken the 09:50 ferry from Brattvåg to Dryna I was set to start my hike at 10:45, having been forced to drive very slowly because of slow traffic on the very icy roads. The hike up along the stairs and ladders was steep, but quite enjoying, and I soon found myself above the forest and on my way towards Trollhesten. The hiking up here was easy, with a minimal amount of snow in a few places, but with frozen ground in areas I assume can be both wet and maybe a little boggy during summer.

From Trollhesten I continued towards Klausethornet, and then descended down towards the cabins in the saddle between Klausethornet and Digergubben. Down here I did a potentially costly mistake, as I trusted the frozen ground too much. The result was a soaking wet boot and sock, but luckily I was sensible enough to stop and wring my sock, hoping that the little water that was left in the wool wouldn't cause any problems in the relatively cold air. I then proceeded towards Blåhammaren, before heading back down, and then up to Digergubben. By now I regretted having brought only 0.6 litres of water, but at the same time I was pleased with myself for having made some sandwiches, which I now enjoyed.

As I was about to start my descent down the steep section through the forest I met another hiker, and chatted for a couple of minutes, both agreeing that Midsund offers some very nice tops for hiking, in easy terrain, and with some spectacular views from some of the tops.

Back at the car I realised I had a long time to wait for the next ferry, so I decided to drive to Rossfjellet to bag also this small top.

Photos 12.12.2009