Tuvegga from Svartevatnet via Tindeskardvatnet


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Running water in Vassdalen.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (August 2007).
Parking Room for many cars at south side of road 60 by Svartevatnet.
Start height 540 metres
Vertical metres 670 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 10.7 km
GPS-file X
Route photo


From the ferry at Aursneset drive 24.4 km towards Stranda on road 60, until you get to a big parking place on your right hand side 300 metres before the Sykkylven-Stranda municipality border. This car park holds tens of cars, and you park here.

Start walking towards Stranda, along road 60, next to lake Svartevatnet. When you get to the east end of Svartevatnet turn right onto a gravel road. Follow this road for 200 metres and cross the small bridge that crosses the river that connects the lakes Svartevatnet and Buvatnet. One is now faced with two options, either continue on the gravel road 150 metres east and then 200 metres uphill towards south, or you can walk straight through the forest on the path that starts just to the right of the bridge. Why not do the forest path on the way up and the gravel road when coming back down?

Whatever route you choose they will both take you to a point at about 575 metres, where there is a small man-made pool in the middle of the river. From here you follow the clearly visible path, on the left hand side of the river that comes down from Vassdalen valley. This path ends in a boulder area where someone has made a magnificent job of building steps using large stones.

Having passed the boulder area you continue on the path in Vassdalen. In the beginning this path is located high above the Vassdalen river, and at a couple of points some care should be shown if bringing kids.

Further into the valley you will be passing some small lakes. Stay on the left side of these until you get to a small hill in front of you. Pass this small hill on the right hand side, and continue to lake Tindeskardvatnet, where you turn left (east). You can now see Tuvegga in front of you (north-east), and should aim for the right hand side of the ridge/bump in the centre of Tuvegga. This will take you to the Tuvegga plateau, where the summit can be found.

The shortest descent route is to go back down along the ridge/bump, and then turn right to get into Vassdalen where the terrain seems fit. Then continue along Vassdalen, back to the steps, and down the path to the gravel road.



11. October 2014

Nice family hike, with Njl, Sigurd and me descending down the ski-slopes to Stranda ski-centre where Elisabeth picked us up.

Photos 11.10.2014


07. August 2007

We were spending two weeks of our summer holidays at our cabin at Fjellsetra. The last few days the weather had been on and off, but Elisabeth and I assumed this Tuesday would be a nice day and planned for an early morning hike while the kids where still in morning-mode.

We drove from the cabin just after 07:30, with the plan to walk up Vassdalen and continue to Dalmannshornet. At 08:00 we left the car by lake Svartevatnet and headed up Vassdalen valley. Then moved along Vassdalen to Tindeskardvatnet. We then got second thoughts; there was a lot of snow in Kollskardet gully and we only had one ice axe. We therefore decided to change plans and instead go for Tuvegga, which none of us had been to.

The walk up to Tuvegga was easy walking in semi-boulder terrain, and we were at Tuvegga in less than 1 hours after leaving the car. We considered descending north and then south-west, but ended up heading straight back to Vassdalen and back to the car.

We had sunshine throughout the hike, and the temperature was 23C when we got back to the car at 10:30.

Photos 07.08.2007