Tveitakvitingen from Furedalen


Estimated net time 7-8 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
The route starts off with a fine mountain road, which is followed by a well defined path. When you get above Gråskorvenuten you have to rely on small cairns and red paint since the surface is all rock, and from Gråfjellet there is a short section where navigation can be an issue if poor visibility.
Drinking water Access to running water throughout most of the route.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route except in the saddle between Gråfjellet and Tveitakvitingen (September 2010).
Parking Room for many cars at the car park by trail head.
Start height 360 metres.
Vertical metres 1145 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 19.7 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Tveitakvitingen trail head by start of Mødalsvegen.
  Fork right 200m from Tveitakvitingen trail head by start of Mødalsvegen.
  S-marking up east slopes of Tveitakvitingen.


From Bergen drive east on road E16. When you get to the E16/7 round-about by Trengereid follow signs for road 7. Drive approximately 32 km until you have an NAF camp site on the right hand side. Soon after you pass the exit for Furedalen alpine ski-centre, and 600 metres from the NAF camp site you turn right onto the road "Mødalsvegen". Park on the car park almost immediately after leaving road 7.

Start your hike by following the asphalt road past the gate and across the bridge. Follow this road 200 metres and fork right onto a gravel road. Stay on this mountain road for approximately 3.0 km, to its end by the cabins at Mødal. From here continue on the path in a southern direction. This path will take you past the distinct top Såta, passing Såta on its right (west) side. Follow the bottom of this pass and turn right around its highest point. You will see a sign for Tveitakvitingen, amongst others, close to the path. Follow the path uphill towards Gråskorvenuten, passing this top on its left (south) side.

When you get up close to Gråskorvenuten you will see a big cairn towards west/south-west, at Gråfjellet. Aim for this cairn, following the path, cairns and red "T"s. From the cairn at Gråfjellet you have a good view of Tveitakvitingen, and there are several possible routes towards the summit. The easiest, at least in terms of navigation, is to head south-west and then south, following the curved ridge on the left (east) side of the snow field which is likely to be sitting on the north-east slopes of Tveitakvitingen.

There is a fair distance between the cairns between Gråfjellet and the start of the ascent to Tveitakvitingen, but aim for the quite distinct ridge, and you will soon find more frequent cairns. Follow the cairns uphill, and you will eventually find a series of red painted "S"s on the rock. Follow these "S"s all the way to the summit, which is marked by a large cairn. There is likely to be at least one registration book inside the cairn.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



02. September 2010

After yet another week working at our Hagavik factory I was due to travel home on the afternoon flight this Thursday. When I left work to drive to the airport I suddenly got a clever idea; I could drive to Kvamskogen and hike Tveitakvitingen and instead catch the evening flight to Ålesund. After a couple of hundreds of a second's thinking I concluded, and drove to Furedalen, where I found a suitable place to park, and changed into hiking gear inside the car.

As I was walking along the mountain road towards Mødal I was so happy with my own decision, and really enjoyed the else boring mountain road. From Mødal I continued on the fine path up past Såta, and then up the steep hill called "Stueveggen". Up here I met a hiker coming down, and he told me he had attempted Tveitakvitingen but had turned around at Gråfjellet because he found navigation across the rock difficult. This made me a bit anxious, and I told myself to be very focused in terms of navigation up there. In hindsight I can understand him since the section between Gråfjellet and the ridge east of Tveitakvitingen is not well marked. When I got to Gråfjellet I was very uncertain where Tveitakvitingen's summit was located and hence which side of the glacier/snow I should ascend. At the end I decided to head across to the ridge on the east side, and here I found lots of cairns. From here on navigation was straight forward.

I spent a fair bit of time on the summit, enjoying the views and the solitude, before heading back down to the car. As I was walking along the forest road I realised I might miss my evening flight back home, so called my hotel at Os and asked for another night. As it turned out I would have got to the airport in time for the evening flight, but it didn't matter much since I had plenty of things to take care of at work at Hagavik to justify another day there.
Photos 02.09.2010