Tverråsen from Lauvåsdalen


Estimated net time 1 hour
Difficulty No real difficulties, but there is thick forest to combat when you get close to the summit..
Drinking water No access to proper drinking water.
GSM coverage Only poor coverage at trail head, else nothing (September 2009).
Parking Room for several cars along the road at trail head.
Start height 130 metres
Vertical metres 95 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 2.2 km
GPS-file Not available (the dense forest makes the GPS tracks very jumpy).
Route photo  Trail head for Tverråsen, in Lauvåsdalen.
  Start of path to saddle between Tverråsen and Lauvåsen.


This hike is not in any ways recommended; it is partly in boggy terrain, and the dense forest you have to combat is not really worth the effort. Also, the views from the summit are close to zero.

From the round-about in Os centre (Osøyro) drive road 552 towards Hatvik for 4.2 km. Turn left onto the street called "Eidsvegen", and continue another 1.3 km before turning right. Drive another 200 metres, and turn right when the road forks. Less than 100 metres up this hill you will get to a gate. Park on the side of the road before this gate.

Start walking by following the gravel road uphill. When the road makes a soft left turn after 500 metres turn left onto an old forest road. Follow this forest road for approximately 50 metres and turn right onto a vague path. Follow this boggy path for approximately 100 metres, to the top of the saddle between Tverråsen and Lauvåsen, and turn right up a gentle gully, which has a vague path. Follow this path up the south-west slopes of Tverråsen, and then find your way through the dense forest to the summit, approximately 300 metres from the gully.

The descent is best done by reversing the ascent route.



15. September 2009

Having finished my hike to Møsnuken well before it got dark, earlier this Tuesday afternoon, I decided to make the most of my first day of my visit to our Hagavik factory. After having arrived back at my Bjørnefjord Gjestetun lodging I agreed with colleague Harald that we meet for food an hour later, giving me time for a quick visit to Tverråsen and allowing him to go for a run.

Finding the trail head for Tverråsen was straight forward, and the hike along the forest road towards the saddle between Lauvåsen and Tverråsen was an easy stroll. However, from there on the hike only got worse; first the path was wet and boggy, and then the forest got more and more dense. I fought my way to the summit, and immediately turned around and started the hike back down to the car, concluding that this hike should be included on to warn people as opposed to encourage people.