Tverrbotshornet from Søvik, up south-west ridge


Estimated net time 2½-3 hours
Difficulty No difficulties.
Drinking water Access to running water when crossing the river Storelva.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (September 2007).
Parking Room for several cars at trail head.
Start height 75 metres
Vertical metres 681 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 7.3 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  


Drive to the intersection of roads 659 and 661 by Eidet (Tennfjord). Turn left towards Søvik/Brattvåg and continue for 4.4 km until you get to the exit for Søvik. Drive towards Søvik for 13.6 km, and turn right up a smaller road. Drive another 700 metres and turn right just before a red barn. Then another 900 metres, passing a number of houses. The last 400 metres is on gravel road. Find parking at the car park.

You start your hike upwards and north bound on this gravel road, which is the service road for the telecom and air traffic radar installations at Gamlemsveten. After 1.3 km on this road, where the road makes a sharp left (really sharp left), continue off-road in a north-east direction. Continue in this direction until you meet the river Storelva. Find a suitable place to cross, and head directly for a small saddle on Tverrbotshornet's south-west ridge. From here just follow the ridge to the summit.

In order to make a roundtrip, descend to the north-west. First cross the Tverrbotshornet plateau, and then gradually turn left (west) down the boulder area. When you get down into the valley between Tverrbotshornet and Gamlemsveten head straight for the service road. From the service road follow it back to the car.


29. September 2007

This was a fine autumn Saturday, with blue sky and 5°C. I started at 08:10 from the car and got to the top in just under 50 minutes.

Photos 29.09.2007