Tystigen & Nuken from Stryn summer ski-centre (ski)
Tystigen  Nuken


Estimated net time 3-4 hours
Difficulty No difficulties, but navigation is likely to be an issue in poor visibility.
Drinking water No access to running water during the skiing season.
GSM coverage Coverage up to the top of the second ski-lift, and probably nothing above (May 2012).
Parking Room for many cars at car park by trail head.
Start height 1060 metres
Vertical metres 985 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 14.4 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Start of skiing to Tystigen & Nuken from Stryn summer ski-centre.
  Skiing to Tystigen and Nuken from top of Stryn summer ski-centre.
  Route from Tystigen-Nuken saddle towards Nuken.


From the round about in Stryn where roads 15 and 60 intersect, drive road 15 in the direction of Otta 37.6 km. Turn right towards "Stryn sommerski" and drive 8.0 to the Stryn summer ski-centre. Park here.

Start skiing by following the ski-slopes uphill, up to the top of the chair lift and then to the top of the upper lifts.

You will see Tystigen towards south, and the best ascent is by approaching it head on. The summit of Tystigen is a plateau, and there are two points marked with small cairns, of which the maps indicates the eastern point is the true summit.

From Tystigen ski back down north a few tens of metres and then turn left (west). There is a slightly steep section in order to get down to the saddle between Tystigen and Nuken, but not difficult under normal conditions. Once down in the saddle ski west to the summit of Nuken, which is an other plateau where you have to guess what is the highest point.

There are several descent routes, and the most common one is to continue across Nuken and head down north-west to road 258. This will not take you back down to your trail head so you need to have a second car or hitchhike back up to the ski-centre. The route described here assumes you descend back down east from Nuken, the way you ascended, and then skirt around Tystigen on its left (west) side, and then find your preferred route back down the slopes to the ski-centre.



26. May 2012

This hike had been planned for several weeks, but after some major issues with the car the previous night while driving to our cabin at Fjellsetra I had more or less decided to postpone the trip to Strynefjellet to the next day; Sunday. The issue was that I lost three out of five bolts on the back left wheel; after our local garage had changed our wheels. Our only hope was that the bolts for the winter tyres would fit also on the summer tyres, which in turn meant Elisabeth had to make the drive to Fjellsetra late Friday night. She kindly did that, and we were also fortunate enough to find out that the bolts she brought did the job. Hence Sigurd and me were on the road to Stryn early Saturday morning.

We arrived Stryn summer ski-centre (Stryn SSC) around 10am, and expected to have to park a long distance from the ski-centre. But fortunately we managed to find a spot along the road by the car park, which allowed Sigurd to be in the slopes within minutes after arriving. I had plenty of time, with the plan to ski Tystigen and Nuken while Sigurd went up and down the slopes of the ski-centre.

I considered buying a ticket for the ski-lift, in order to get an easy ride up to 1570 metres, but it was a gorgeous day, and I was here to ski and not to sit on my bottom. And the uphill skiing was nice and easy, on firm snow and with a burning sun. It took me a little less than an hour of relaxed skiing to get up to the plateau a little below 1600 metres, and from here I had an excellent view of both Tystigen and Nuken. The route to Tystigen was obvious on a day with good visibility, and I could see several other skiers on their way to Nuken. Tystigen, however, didn't seem to attract any skiers, and I had the summit all to my own.

After the summit stop at Tystigen I decided to descend down to the Tystigen-Nuken saddle with skins on in order to avoid having to put them back on as soon as I was down in the saddle. And from here it was another easy ascent up to the summit of Nuken. When I got to the summit there were a group of approximately ten skiers preparing for descent. I asked them where they were planning to descend, and they told me the normal descent route was to continue across Nuken and ski north-west down to road 258. This would require a car down there, but it seemed this group was well prepared. I briefly considered this, but decided I couldn't be bothered with risking not getting a lift back up to the ski-centre, so after taking photos and enjoying the views I headed back down to the Tystigen-Nuken saddle.

I met a number of other skiers on my way back down, and several of them commented on my choice of descent route. I explained to them all that I wasn't aware that the normal route was down north-west, and that I played safe in terms of getting back to the ski-centre. In hindsight I would probably have made the same route, since I had excellent skiing back down the ski-slopes, on surprisingly fine snow.

Back at the ski-centre I changed into dry clothes, and went for a walk along the road, all the way to end of the snow free road. I chatted with some cross country skiers, who had been skiing a few kilometres into the mountain, and wished I had also brought my cross country skis. Something for another year.

A little after 4pm Sigurd was done with his snow boarding, and we hit the road back to Fjellsetra, where Sigurd went for a swim in Nysetervatnet, before we got the barbecue going on a warm May evening.
Photos 26.05.2012