Vardegga from Fosså


Estimated net time 1½-2 hours
Difficulty The route can be a little wet in places, and some people will require to nudge up the concentration level one step towards the end of the ascent.
Drinking water You will find running water from several streams along the hike.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (September 2015).
Parking Room for a few cars at trail head.
Start height 19 metres
Vertical metres 370 metres for the roundtrip.
Trip distance 4.4 km
GPS-file X


Route photo

  Vardegga trail head by Fosså.
  Start path to Vardegga.


Assume you drive road 49 from Tysnes, towards the western parts of Kvinnherad. Continue 400 metres after you have driven through the Stussvikhovda tunnel and make sure you stay left towards Baldersheim and Sævareid. Drive another 3.8 km and turn right towards Sundfjord. From here drive 4.4 km, making sure you stay left in the junction after 2.6 km (don't turn right towards Ølve). You will see signs for Vardegga towards right and find good parking after 230 metres along the gravel road.

Start your hike by following the, by now, asphalt road 115 metres uphill. Turn right onto a forest road and follow this steep road 650 metres uphill, to where you will find signs for Vardegga towards right. Turn right onto this path, which will bring you all the way to the summit (approximately 1.5 km). The terrain gets a little steeper towards the end but it will not be of any major issue to anyone. There's a registration book at the summit.

Descend by reversing your ascent route.



18. September 2015

I was staying the week-end in Lygrespollen, in Morten's cabin, for the annual fishing days, and had travelled to Bergen the night before. This Friday was intended as a bonus day in terms of fishing, but my motivation for fishing was relatively low, and when I saw Stig at best trying to kill some time we agreed to visit Vardegga. Since Stig was driving we first went back to Morten's cabin to pick up my camera, and then back to Fosså in order to start the hike.

The whole hike was done in OK-ish conditions, but gradually getting worse and with a bit of mist all around when at the summit. That didn't matter much and we had a most enjoyable hike, and life was definitely good not only to those who were fishing.

Photos 18.09.2015